Wednesday, July 1, 2009

THE story of A cat and AN apple

hello hello. well, in this post..(atas permintaan seorg mahakary agung), i will be talking about articles.-why u want to talk about articles? im tired reading articles la.- No bebo, not that kind articles. It's articles as in a,an and the. How do we use them? bagaimana kita menggunakannya?
Me, Zachary Favanodic will explain to u.-what happened to maria bossanova?- She died..

ok, english has 2 articles: the and a/an

THE- definite article(which means we are being specific)
A/AN- indefinite article(saying in random)

so, i give u some examples for u to see the differences ok..oh yeah, take out ur book and copy this down.-urghh...sengal punye cikgu-


I just saw the cutest cat ever today!!
- see we use the here. why is that? well, she saw a cute cat. there are many cats in this world but she is referring to the one she had seen today. and to her that's the cutest cat in the world so, she is being specific to one and only one cat..understand? understand? ok good..moving on..

I would like to go see a movie
- we use a in this sentence. why do we use a bebo? has to be??- No bebo, by the way, ur going to the principal's office. anyway, we use a here because the person here wants to see any movie, not being specific. he juz wants to see a movie. he wants to see any movie, not being specific to one...ok, understand? understand? ok good...

I would like to be an architect when I grow up(motif??)
- ok here, we use an sebab ape? it's just like a in the previous example cuma this one we use an because the next word after an is starting with a vowel(a e i o u). For a vowel, we have to use an.(dont ask me why, it's the way it is). plus, she's not referring to be a specific architect, she just wants to be an architect in general. ok? faham faham? bagus..

well, those are the basic uses of articles la kan. short and simplistic. so, mahakarya agung, anda faham??

faham bagus...bebo.-yeah? what the fuck do u want?-
follow me to the principal's office please. u need to be spanked...

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shark_rulezz said...

thank u prof...
bagus apa yg saya belajar ari ni
n wat a gret blog also,,,

ada lawak dlm dia

salah satu blog yg kelainan dia sgt best...