Friday, July 31, 2009

One Malaysia

one malaysia....the theme created by our prime minister. can it really happen? i hope so...

-nah, i doubt it. it's just a fantasy. a stupid fantasy.-

haih..bebo, u are so negative minded.

ok so, what does it mean to me? hmm...well, yela malay, chinese and indians living together in peace yada yada yada thing. but to me, one malaysia means more than that to me.

to me, living with chinese and indians are not a problem. i've been living(not in the same house ya) with them for all of my life so takde ape sgt la. racist tu perkara biase. who's not racist anyway? kalau u cakap u tak racist, thats such a lie. we are racist once in a while

-for u, its all the time!-

shut up bebo! anyway, one malaysia...sejak tinggal di hostel in uitm perak, 1 thing has changed in my life. i have more friends from other states. From the west coast, the east coast not forgetting the Borneos!

it's a fun experience blending with cultures from other states. like knowing new places(i've discovered the location of pekeliling bus station from a friend living in jengka, pahang. buat malu je org klang valley!), new food(kuih tepung gomak la, jelantah la, mcm2 la), accents! haha.

talking about accents(loghat), i seriously cant understand what kelantanese are talking to me. like one time, a kelantan guy asked me where do i lived but i've mistakenly interpretted that he was asking me to do something else. byk la incidents where i tak faham ape diorg ckp. but lame2, it's getting better. nasib ada walking malay-kelantan dwibahasa dictionary. hehe.

well, im greatful im living in malaysia. being a malaysian is really colourful...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Her films made me wonder..


Her films made me change views on malaysian films. before this i really really hated malaysian films..until i watched 'Sepet'. That film is like the greatest..seriously. i can watch it 2 tiga kali in a day u know. then gubra was great also, followed by muallaf and everything. 

senang cerita, we've lost a reall really really talented director..tiada gantinya. a big lost to malaysia...

Yasmin Ahmad...the one who took the risk..

Home or UiTM Perak?

hello hello. juz got the news that UiTM Perak will be 'cuti-ing' until 2ng august. which is one week duration, until next sunday....-aaaaaargghhhhhh!!!!!-

-woi! what's with the shouting la? pekak telinga aku kang!-

sorry bebo. see, i actually prefer staying in uitm perak with my friends than going home. idk why la. maybe because my friends there buat me feel like home...more than home. i feel free when im in campus. i can go anywhere i want, be with who-ever i want, and do anything i want.

not that at home i takleh buat smua tu tapi...idk. sbb tula everytime kena balik rumah i am like..'dang, what im gonna do..mesti bosan.' lagi2 kalau cuti sem! urgh...

mcm sekarang la, walaupun a week, i feel like forever and ever and ever....

p/s: ape motif ni?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Not So Amazing Race

Route Info: Make your way to Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia

How do I do that??
Haih, pagi2 lagi i dah kluar rumah, about 8.15am i think. trus jalan g old town carrying my laptop bag and my book of shadow utk tggu bus.

bla bla bla..about 10 minutes bus sampai. blup blup blup arrived at taman jaya lrt station..then  pegi to the ticketing machine and i realized....'wait, where am i going actually? which station should i go off?'..i ikut je kata hati and bought a ticket to masjid jamek. naik je la. pandai2 la aku pikior nak buat ape nanti.

bla bla bla..tren sampai and im off to masjid jamek.

as usual pagi2 mmg train sesak like a can of sardines..but i mampu senyum je..hehe. blup blup blup..sampai lah ke mj.

kluar station je...i wondered, 'ok, now what im going to do??' i thought i jalan2 jap at the mj area lah. jalan jalan jalan jalan jalan..kedai byk tak bukak lagi. hmmh..balik ke station balik. ok now, nak buat ape ni???
so, i duduk skejap sambil menyaksikan the busy streets of KL in action.

pikir pikir pikir....ha! i remebered that the perpustakaan is near istana budaya rite, and istana budaya is nearby pekeliling train station and pekeliling is near titiwangsa lrt station! ha! apa lagi, the amazing race continues...
pegi to the ampang line lrt station(or dulu known as star lrt) and bought ticket to titiwangsa. lalalalalala...

yay sampai titiwangsa! then i turun station and dah nampak the beautiful roofs of istana budaya. 'yes, i must be
close already.' then i jalan je la menuju to istana budaya...which i thought was a short walk but it turned out to be...a very long and never ending walk..penat!! dah la kereta byk, nak cross jalan pun like wtf??!!...jalan jalan jalan lap peluh jalan jalan minum air jalan jalan...huh, sampai pun istana budaya...

berhenti skejap utk mengagumi the architecture of istana budaya...kagum kagum kagum kagum, i continued walking..then i realized..'hey, mana librarynye??'..i juz keep walking...but tak nampak library lagi, first lalu balai seni lukis negara, then jumpa pusat darah negara then jumpa shell petrol station then jumpa pusrawi hospital then...then i nampak this building with the roof ala2 songket tu..and..YAY! DAH SAMPAI!!

pergh...the long walk paid off..and i think i shed a few kilos too..hahaha. ok, masuk dan cari buku. lots of interesting books here. bayangkanla lebih sejuta reading materials here...hmm...pegi ke bahagian senibina...yeah! jumpa pun buku ni. menelaah dan menulis ape yg perlu....bla bla bla bla..fahmi messaged me. asking me where i am. he asked me to go to hi house first baru bertolak pegi midvalley. i was like 'hmm ok la'.
then i letak balik all the reading materials and bid perpustakaan negara goodbye..

then i kluar and wondered, 'so, how do i get to the lrt station back?? hell no im going to walk back there!' so, from walking back the unwinding road back to titiwangsa, i chose to ride a taxi to klcc instead. RM3.50 je pun. sampai klcc and i walked to the lrt station. lrt lrt lrt lrt lrt...sampai la ke station universiti, and i walked to fahmi's house. bla bla bla bla...we went off to midvalley to meet up with imran(who was waiting since 12pm, and the movie is at 3pm)

sampai midvalley, jumpa imran smua and beli ticket la. haha. i and imran dpt student price whereas fahmi and acab kena bayar full. haha. tula sapa suruh tak bawak student card. hehehe. 3.10pm Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

harry potter this time was ok. but the book is way way way better. they cut a few scenes from the book but whatever je la. i still enjoyed the movie. then we go makan at oasis foodcoart.

makan makan makan...catch up on a few things, had some loud laughs. imran left early cuz tak nak be stuck i a traffic jam. so, that leaves us 3 sluts left. hehehe. then gerak to jusco to buy some sushi and lepak at starbucks.

kongsi kongsi masalah and had more laughs. i love the most this time. where we tell each other our problems and they are setia utk mendengar. lagi2 when kita jumpa like so jarang since we got into universities. how time flies when ur having fun..(clichenye..)

then about 9pm cmtu, gerak back home la. hari yg sgt memenatkan but fun at the same time..hehe

p/s: bebo kena grounded kt rumah so sebab tu la takde sape menyibuk. haha.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

UiTM Perak and Virus ILI

-omg!!!were gonna die were gonna die!!-

can u like shut up bebo? no, were not gonna die la. huh....uitm perak kena tutup, we have to balik..thats like sux cuz lots of stuffs this week and next week are canceled. dah la benda penting plak tu! assignments nasib tak byk sgt..(wait, agak byk la jugak kan..). haiyo!! so kelam kabut la. serious teringat crite ala2 quarantine, juz takde zombies je..haha.

huh...sux...apa aku nak buat selama seminggu????!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let The Building Madness Begins....

Hello hello! We meet again after a week menyepikan diri. Hahaha. Sepi ke? Hehe. Well, we started our classes for the third semester, and it’s getting tougher and tougher and tougher and tougher-how many tough you want la? Im dead bored here! I want to go home!- owh, haha well bebo is..hmm..adapting well here. Hahaha. Serves you rite bebo.

Ok, so Diploma in Building class BN3B. That’s where I am. When we got our timetable, we were like ‘omg! What the hell? Who made this timetable must be cruel and evil and cruel!’. Yeap, our timetable is like so f-ing crazy and so packed like sebuah tin sardine. Here’s our timetable from Monday to Tuesday:-




12pm- 12.50pm QSV203


4.15pm- 5.05pm BLD203(STRUCTURES II)



11am- 12.50pm BLD210

2.15pm- 4.05pm QSV203



8am- 8.50am BLD243


2.15pm- 4.05pm BLD205


8am- 9.50am BEL311

10am- 11.50am QSV203

2.15pm- 4.05pm BLD210


8am- 9.50am BEL311

10am- 11.50am BLD205

3.15pm- 5.05pm BLD203

Tak bleh belah everyday class starts at 8am!!!! Sabar, sabar….

Talking about juniors plak, this time the Building Department terima like 286 students!!!

Gila ramai sial. There are some yg dah jumpa seniors and everything and quite a few yg jumpa I for some tips and everything(bangga sial, hahaha)-eleh…tgk la nanti diorg tau sifat sebenar kau!- bebo shut up please, or else I’ll throw you inside the jungle beside UiTM Perak tu.

Subjects pulak, this semester we are learning a new subject which is Measurements and Estimating, quite a tough subject la for us. This subject is the core subject for Quantity Surveying students,so takpe la jugak cuz I ada kwn2 from that course and it’s easy la kalau I tak faham apa2, I serbu diorg je. Hehe. As for Building Construction, this sem we are learning about timber buildings, so our final project is to design a one room and a double room chalet inspiring from a traditional malay house. We chose Rumah Melaka. As for other subjects, hmm…boleh kot. It’s not that hard la(for now).

Apa2 pun, we’ll try our best to do our best. Haha.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The 3rd Semester Pledge

hey hey ya'll! yeah, tomorrow i'll be journeying back to the silver campus-yeah yeah! go go! let me stay here and create my plans for world domination!! haha- Na ah u wont, u're coming with me bebo. -dang!- anyway, before starting the 3rd semester(which i will be expecting more and more dramatic scenes) i would like to pledge a few things which i want to achieve during the 3rd semester. ok, here goes..

I pledge for the 3rd semester, I will:

1) Never to delay assignments again-yeah rite, i doubt it. u'll be partying with ur friends than doing ur assignments...heh!-

2) Eat according to time and more thrift this time-haha, this is a joke rite? how much do u spend a day again??? hem??-

3) Always hear what my team mates have to say and come up with a logical solution-haha, u never listen to people. how are u going to achive this?-

4) Make sure BLD BASH 2009 is gonna be a dream come true-good luck to that! tsk..-

5) Study harder and get into dean's list again-haha..ur in the dean's other list. haha-

6) Have more pictures taken!-ape kena mengena ni?-

7) Have more fun with my crew-they dont like you-

8) Never get stresed out if there are problems occuring, sama ada involving friends or courseworks
-yeah rite, i bet u'll be crying again on ur bed-

9) Doa often for my success, family and friends-pray for me too!!-

and finally...


xoxo guys.
I promise I will update often ok.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Life and Times of Bebo..

Earlier today..
Help! Get me out of here! Bebo! U better get me out of here! U stupid bitch!!!

-jeng, jeng, jeng….-

Check, check…rock, rock…is this mic on? Hello? Hello?..i think it’s on. Muahahaha…uhuk uhuk..ok..hello fellow readers..i am very honoured to be talking to all of u..hahaha. what? Ammar u asked? He is…er..busy at the, I’ll be taking over..

Reader: How long?
Bebo: For..em..until ammar is free..
Reader: when is that?
Bebo: er..maybe..why are u asking me stupid questions?
Reader: no reason..
Bebo: then shut the hell up!

Ok, back to me, as all of u know, im Bebo, Ammar’s so-called ‘imaginary friend’..well, guess what, im no imaginary thing ok, I exist!! Muahahaha!!!..uhuk uhuk uhuk..

Reader: U’ve got to lay off those evil laughs though.
Bebo: Shut up! I’ll laugh when I want to!

Interruptions…hate it. So, as im taking over..i’ll be talking about world domination..hahaha. this world will be mine! Mine I tell u! all of u will be my slaves!!

Reader: me too?
Bebo: No, u’ll be sentenced to death after this..tsk..
Reader: Cool!

Anyway, before I make u my slaves, I want all of u to know who I am! Here’s my biodata(that’s me in the picture..dont laugh at it!!)…

Full name: Bebo

Nak panggil ape?: Bebo sudeyh..

Date of birth: When Ammar started imagining me..

Siblings: an only child…sob sob

Nationality: Everywhere…I can be found anywhere!! Haha(as long as there’s internet)

Ambition: Evil world ruler

Address: Currently menumpang in this page..but It’ll be mine after I vanquish Ammar!! Hahaha!

Lifetime Aspiration: to dominate humanity!

Favourite food: hmm…what Ammar eats

Favourite movie: what Ammar likes to watch

Favourite hang-out place: in a dark corner..

U shall bow to me!! Im ur ruler!! Muahahaha!! Muahahaha!! Muahaha..


Who is that?..huh!!!

Jeng, jeng, jeng…

-bebo, cut the crap. Go back to ur room.-

What? But.. I thought I locked the door already!

-yeah, but u forgot one thing…u left the key outside the room. As I was screaming for help, luckily there was one kind reader helped to unbolt the door..stupid mistake isn’t it bebo?-

Urghh…stupid key! long for world domination…sob sob..

-yeah u got that rite! Dah dah, pegi pegi. Menyemak je. Go back to ur room. And get back in ur brackets, annoying la talking in this..-

Ok…sob sob(walking back into the brackets)..
Ok…so, what a drama huh? Well bebo, u cant outsmart domination my arse la…

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

THE story of A cat and AN apple

hello hello. well, in this post..(atas permintaan seorg mahakary agung), i will be talking about articles.-why u want to talk about articles? im tired reading articles la.- No bebo, not that kind articles. It's articles as in a,an and the. How do we use them? bagaimana kita menggunakannya?
Me, Zachary Favanodic will explain to u.-what happened to maria bossanova?- She died..

ok, english has 2 articles: the and a/an

THE- definite article(which means we are being specific)
A/AN- indefinite article(saying in random)

so, i give u some examples for u to see the differences ok..oh yeah, take out ur book and copy this down.-urghh...sengal punye cikgu-


I just saw the cutest cat ever today!!
- see we use the here. why is that? well, she saw a cute cat. there are many cats in this world but she is referring to the one she had seen today. and to her that's the cutest cat in the world so, she is being specific to one and only one cat..understand? understand? ok good..moving on..

I would like to go see a movie
- we use a in this sentence. why do we use a bebo? has to be??- No bebo, by the way, ur going to the principal's office. anyway, we use a here because the person here wants to see any movie, not being specific. he juz wants to see a movie. he wants to see any movie, not being specific to one...ok, understand? understand? ok good...

I would like to be an architect when I grow up(motif??)
- ok here, we use an sebab ape? it's just like a in the previous example cuma this one we use an because the next word after an is starting with a vowel(a e i o u). For a vowel, we have to use an.(dont ask me why, it's the way it is). plus, she's not referring to be a specific architect, she just wants to be an architect in general. ok? faham faham? bagus..

well, those are the basic uses of articles la kan. short and simplistic. so, mahakarya agung, anda faham??

faham bagus...bebo.-yeah? what the fuck do u want?-
follow me to the principal's office please. u need to be spanked...