Wednesday, July 7, 2010


hello hello people of the world. assalamualaikum kepada semuanya....

hmmm.... COURTESY... disebut 'ker-te-si' or dlm melayunya, kita sebut 'kesopanan'.

yes sopan. kita sebagai rakyat malaysia, or bangsa timur mmg terkenal dgn adat and kesopanan. thats what we always hear la kan in tv and other medias. this post i want to talk about courtesy, based on what happened to me this evening.

ok here goes...

so, me and my friend were waiting for the bus at Ikano like usual, like any other days. we boarded the bus and we sat at our respective seats la kan. i was seating at the window seat, and beside me takde org duduk lg.

then more people were entering the bus and the bus dah nak penuh, and then came one chinese girl asking me

'is there somebody seating beside you?'

i answered, 'no. please take a seat. my pleasure'

and she sat...and whatever la kan. so, i was just waiting for the bus to move...then, came this middle aged lady. i thought she was a malay, but she is actually portuguese. but thats not the problem.

then the middle aged woman stand beside our seats, because bus dah penuh. and the girl beside me offered her seat, but the middle aged woman refuses, but the girl insisted and so eventually, she accepted the girl's offer. the middle aged woman was really nice....but then came...


i dont know dari mane ntah, dia tiba2 tegur that girl, he said

'thank you for offering the seat ah.'

the girl said, 'oh no worries'

then the man continued, 'u know, the young fellows ah, pretend to be sleeping and so selfish u know. cannot even offer a seat to the elderly. go and learn to UTM la, UM la, UiTM all la, but still no courtesy!'

i was like...ok, this is interesting. i dgr je la sambil watching outside.

then the middle aged woman asked the girl, 'u tak penat ke girl? come seat on the hand rest if u penat ah'

then the girl refuses because she said she dah biasa with standing.

then that man butt in 'yeah la, she dah biasa. she has courtesy. not like that big fat fellow beside you.'

OMG...he did not just say that! tp i kept calm, and juz dgr je la. i begin to take out my mp4 and plugged in my earhones. but i tak on pun. i juz kept it off. to dgr their conversation.

the man continued, 'u know, young people nowadays cannot understand whats courtesy u know. stupid la.'

then dia mcm perli i tau. 'ey abang, u tau ke ucap terima kasih kt pemandu bus itu?'

what the fuck la. mcm gampang sial. then dia continued 'u know girl, i always say thank you to the driver, but no one did that u know'

kepala hotak kau!

then dia continued lagi tiba2 ckp pasal sekolah, 'in those years ah, i go to school by a bicycle. everyday i cycle to school. not like nowadays, young people taking bus, parent send them to school, no wonder become fat like this fellow'

dia bersuara lg, 'dont know how to respect elderly people also. so shame la. what penat ah? stupid la penat. u fat like buffalo. penat for what' 

he continued blabbering and bangga diri until we reached kelana jaya station.

then he thank the girl, 'thanks ah girl for giving the seat. not selfish like him'

aku....mmg...rasa....mcm..nak...kasi PENAMPAR je kt kau!

fuck la stupid asshole! i dont get it, kenapa he has to attack me all of a sudden? and i didnt noticed him entering the bus and im at the window seat for god's sake, mcm mane i nak bg my seat to u la fucker?

and, please la. nak kata org muda takde sopan and whatever, u ada sopan ke? talking bad about people behind their backs (literally), u call that courtesy ke pak cik oi?

i dlm hidup, tak pernah tengking org tua. u were about to be the first one td. nasib baik kesabaran i still at the normal level. kalau tak..mmg aku dah hentak kau ngan bag aku.

i felt mad and sad at the same time.... the first time this thing happened to me. oh god.