Saturday, December 11, 2010

Apa Beza? Boring dan Bored

Boring: dlm bahasa melayunya, Membosankan
Bored: dlm bahasa melayunya, Bosan

Biasa kita dengar... 'Boring la aku.', 'Kau boring tak?' hehehe. sbenarnye korang mengistilahkan diri korg sebagai seorang individu yang membosankan. hahaha. Tp benda ni biase je, kite pun smua faham ape maksud sbenarnye kan. its ok la. kalau dlm kite ckp2 sesama kite ok la, tp jgn plak ckp dgn mat salleh cmni, 'Im boring.' trus dia taknak kwn ngan korg nanti. hahaha. 

Penggunaan yang betul:


1)This film is so boring Filem ini sungguh membosankan
2) You are boring me up with your lame stories Awak membosankan saya dengan cerita- cerita biasa awak itu


1) You look bored Awak tampak bosan
2) I am so bored right now, let's go to the movies Saya sangat bosan sekarang, jom tengok wayang

*tambahan- Boredom: kebosanan

hehehe. biasakan yang betul, betulkan yang biasa. 


Friday, December 10, 2010

Remix Your Life!

Kat sini I wanna share a link to my friend's page.
He's a dj and he made some of the best remix that i've ever heard (not exaggerating)

If u guys want some remixes to stir your life with, go to this link kt bawah ni:

my favourites are Bad Romance, Firework and Britney vs Linkin Park. 

Apa Beza? Gift dan Give

GIFT: dlm bahasa Melayu kita sebut 'Pemberian'
GIVE: dlm bahasa Melayunya ialah 'Beri'

contoh- contoh ayat:


1) 'Thank you for the gift, Ahmad' 'Terima kasih atas pemberian ini Ahmad'
2) What gift do you think is perfect for him? Pemberian apa yang sesuai untuknya?
3) This child is a gift from Allah Anak ini adalah pemberian daripada Allah


1) Give this book to Sunana will you? Boleh beri buku ini kepada Sunana?
2) I'll give this toy back to you when you have learned your lesson Saya beri kembali mainan ini kepada awak selepas awak sudah menyedari kesalahan awak (panjang la plak ayat ni. hehe)

harap kita tak terkeliru lagi kay?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anugerah DariNya...

Alhamdulillah.... :)

terima kasih Cik Azira selaku penyelia laporan, terima kasih En Haiqal selaku pensyarah pelawat, terima kasih kepada En KSK, Pn Diana and Cik Huda selaku pensyarah Viva dan of course tidak lupa kepada staff2 Cahaya Pedoman Sdn Bhd: Kak Fauziah, Kak Linda, Kak Aida, Kak El, Kak Yien, Kak Shalin, Ayman, Subuhi, Faiz, Bos Khairul, and En Azmin kerana telah mengajar saya time practical lepas... ini (sambil memegang trophy award) adalah utk anda semua! 

mcm menang award la plak. haha. poyo la kau! 

p/s: satu semester je lagi tinggal! 


Sunday, December 5, 2010


hello! so dalam post ni, saya nak terangkan tentang 'adalah' dan 'merupakan'

byk saya tgk dlm paper, dgr dlm berita, yg orang menggunakan adalah dan merupakan bersama. apa maksudnya? ok contoh:

Mereka adalah merupakan pasukan bola sepak Malaysia. 
Justin dan Mariana adalah merupakan sepasang suami isteri.

Adalah dan merupakan mempunyai makna yg sama. 
which the meaning of the 2 words is to explain of something or someone or somewhere or whatever.
so maksudnya, adalah sgt choi jika kita guna adalah dan merupakan together, lagi2 kalau tgh 
baca berita or in a newspaper. tak boleh tak boleh. big tatabahasa mistake.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

I wish I had never set eyes on you!

Tadi dok selongkaq barang2 dokumen lama. then, terjumpa essay yg aku buat utk BEL260 (Preparattory Course for MUET) masa part 2 dulu. haha. bile terbaca balik, rasa mcm lawak.

Task: Write an essay which ends with 'I wish I had never set eyes on you!

And my essay goes like this:

  I have always dreamed of living in New York. Why? Well, I'm a budding fashion designer and what better place to start your career other in the Big Apple. So, I moved to New York last year and settled in a posh luxury suite in at one of the most elite hotel in New York, thanks to my father who has a few connections here in New York. The first two months here, yes it was fun but the work load was getting heavier by the day, but nothing ever prepared me for the thing that happened to me last year.

  It was a typical Monday morning at the design studio. Me doing my work on my latest collection for the Fall-Winter season. "Hey Am, did you hear about the new intern? They said he's John Galliano's nephew.", Jessica, my studiomate said. Nephew of John Galliano? So what?, I thought. As Jessica and I were talking about the new intern, Raphael, which was the intern, walked into the studio. "Hello, my name is Raphael Montenagra and Im supposed to be under the supervision of Ammar Zahrol. Where can I meet him?", he said with a rather husky voice. "He is right in front of you.", Jessica said to Raphael while pointing at me. I stood from the place where I was sitting and introduced myself. It seemed that Raphael was my intern. My boss assigned me to be his supervisor throughout the season's collection.

  "So, where did you graduate from?", I asked him. "Oh, from Parson's. I graduated with first class honours.", he said with pride. Great, another 'know it all', I thought to myself. "So, any experiences doing avant garde? Couture maybe?", I asked. "Of course, just name it. Haute couture, pret-a-porter, avant garde, costumes, I have done all.", he said. Yes, whatever. The time to put those to test. "Alright Raphael, I want you to sew all that pieces into the designs that I have sketched in that portfolio. Start with the easier ones first okay?", I instructed. "Okay, Im right on it.", he said.

  The first week was great. He did everything I asked him to do, but something about him is really disturbing, and sometimes annoying. The sewing, the beading, his designs, I was embarassed to say but, they were better than mine. 2 weeks more to the finale runway show at Bryant Park, and Alhamdulillah ninety percent of my work was done, all thanks to Raphael for helping me. One night, Raphael and I were up late at the studio doing the finishing touches to the garments. "I am really lucky to have you as my intern. Thank you for your help.", I said to him. "You're welcome, I am also delighted to be the intern to a really astounding fashion designer.", he said. I was really tired that night and cant go on anymore. Raphael noticed of me yawning a lot. "You should go home and rest. Let me do the rest.", Raphael offered me. "Are you sure? I mean, I dont want to burden you or anything.", I said. "No its okay. Im serious. You should go home now. Tomorrow's a big day for you.". "Oh alright. I should go home. Are you going to be okay by yourself?", I asked. "Yes sure. Just a couple of stitches left, then it's all done.", he said. I was pretty tired that night, I grabbed my coat and bag and left the studio for home. 

  The day of the fashion show arrived. As always, I picked up a cup of coffee at the deli nearby before I walked on to my studio on 5th Avenue. As I opened the studio door, I was  shocked to see all my designs...are gone! I was like, what in the tarnations happened?! I ran out from my studio and asked Jessica at her studio space. "Raphael took it all. He said you asked him to ship your designs to Paris this morning.",  Jessica said. Ship my designs to Paris? I certainly did not say that! Why on earth do I want to ship my designs to Paris? After that, I called Raphael a couple of times, he did not answer. What did he do with my designs? What was he thinking? What am I going to do now? The fashion show is in a couple of hours and my designs are gone. Moments later, I received a text message from Raphael. I was really mad and furious upon reading that message... "So you have noticed that your designs are gone right? I have to do it, I cant let you have these!". Oh my god, I wish I had never set eyes on you! 

The end.

haha. bodoh kan essay ni? haha. kene buat dlm setengah jam kot. tak tau nak fikir ape dah.  

Mcm Nak Tukar Lagi

Rase mcm nak tukar lg la layout blog ni..

Red is so not my colour...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Le Sazu Photography

Sazu Photography???

Apakah itukan?

hehehe. Sazu Photography ni milik kawan baik saya, merangkap BFF sayalah iaitu Sazwan Sopi, itu nama kampung dia, kalau nama bandaq dia is Syazwan Saufi, kalau nama ikut IC dia is Syazwan Bin Saufi, kalau nama lorong haji taib dia is.. ehem.. biarlah rahsia~ hahaha. hey hey. sudah sudah mengarut.

Sazu Photography is his photo editing album (bakal bakal) yg dimana dia ambik gambar2 olang and dia edit bagi cantik wo! ho liao wey! hahaha. and the product, is really really good. mau tgk ka some of them? ok2. 

Some of Sazu Photography's works:

Model: Syazana Saufi (kakak dia sendiri)

Model: Nana Yana Zuliana -nama ikut facebook- (Mak Su dia)

Model: Hidayati Nazirah Abdul Rashid (Kawan Dia)

Model: Zafirah Saufi (Kakak dia gak)

Model: Mak Su dia lagi

Model: Kakak dia lagi (one of my favourites)

Model: Ni la Sazwan Sopi tu. haha

Model: ehem...ehem... none other than tuan punye blog ni la!

hehehe. cantik tak? cantik tak? hehehe. kalau uolz smue mcm berminat nak suruh kawan saye ni edit gambo2 kome smua, boleh la msg dia kt profile facebook dia ni : Syazwan Saufi . ok? hehehe


Musim Cuti Kembali

Hey hey. so, its the holidays again. and stiap kali masuk time holiday je, this ungkapan will come to my head:

"Oh god, what am I gonna do??"

Yes. what am i gonna do?? aha, well first, of course i nak sambung blajar driving. tak habis2 lg dari last year, and also i have a new hobby now, which is downloading movies and such! haha. pergh, sejak abah dah pasang wifi kt rumah, every day ada je benda nak download. and other than that, i main games la. baru je habis 2 nancy drew games. (which gave me headaches to solving the clues and puzzles. and i learned how to solve sudoku from that game! tak pernah2 aku main sudoku) 

hmmm...and other than that, i main roller coaster tycoon 3. ok... thats it. 

not! ada lg satu benda yg I nak try, which is...... COOKING! yes people, cooking. I mmg teringin sgt nak masak masakan tradisi melayu. sgt2 teringin. so, cuti ni I nak try 3 of the dishes. which are:

Dish no. 1: Asam Pedas Ikan Pari

Dish no. 2: Ayam Masak Serai

Dish no. 3: Penang Laksa

Hhuhuhuhui! terliur dah aku tgk gambaq2 ni. hmm yeap. itulah 3 masakan yg i teringin nak cuba sgt2. resepi dah jumpa dah, cuma nak tggu masa nak start memasak tu je la. beli barang2 bagai. so, harap la boleh mengecapi impian terpendam ni. kalau tak smua, satu dish pun jd la. hehe. (Lagi best kalau masakan aku turned out mcm gambaq2 kt atas ni kan?) hehhehe. dream on baybeh! 


Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Disappointment


tu je aku nak ckp..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


ok so, i tried this once in facebook. but now, im going to try it here pulak! so addictive! a recommended past time game if u are so bored and nothing better to do...

  1. Put your music library on shuffle. 
  2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 
  3. You must write that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely enough. 
  4. Ok, go!
  5. When you're done, tag 20 people in this note, and make sure to tag the person who sent you this. The answer to #20 is the Title of your note.

1.If someone says, “Is this okay?” you say
Baby - Justin Bieber

2. How would you describe yourself? 
V.I.P - Iwan AF8

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Dont Let Me Be The Last To Know - Britney Spears

4. How do you feel today? 
Your Love is My Drug - Kesha

5. What is your life’s purpose?
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

6. What's your motto? 
Super Lover - Lady Gaga

7. What do your friends think of you?
Miss You - Blink 182

8. What do you think of your parents? 
When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus

9. What do you think about very often?
Manifestasi Cinta - Fiq ft Mirwana

10. What is 2 + 2? 
Adrenalin - Faizal Tahir

11. What do you think of your best friend(s)?
Aku Sindarella - Amylea

12. What do you think of the person you like?
Bunga Api Di Hati - Stacy, FF, Shila, Leya

13. What is your life story?
World Behind My Wall - Tokio Hotel

14. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Teruja - Ella

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Automatic - Tokio Hotel

16. What will you dance to at your wedding? 
Love The Way You Lie - Eminem ft Rihanna

 17. What will they play at your funeral?
What Sarah Said - Death Cab For Cutie

18. What is your biggest fear? 
Sleep - Azure Ray

19. What is your biggest secret?
Cup of Coffee - Katy Perry

20. What will you post this as?
Simple - Katy Perry

Monday, November 1, 2010

Language Matters

Tabiat saya: suka membetulkan ejaan org

well yes, that is my habit. i mmg suke membetulkan ejaan org (especially in english)
i dont know, mmg dah tabiat. i know some people finds this really annoying. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Peneraju Utama

Gagarella's lead casts:

Amrin Zahar - aspiring film director
Shazlan Sofi - casanova bitch
Andri 'Dre' Farzad - budding fashion designer with an identity crisis
Rydee Mushaf - aspiring singer-songwriter
Clara Jazuli - miss diva with an attitude
Izran Hakimi - a clara wannabe who tries to fit in
Aedan Zakri - seeks serious relationships
Marhanis Masri - model wannabe with a great taste in fashion
Zaliqha Shahmi - empty minded most of the time
Fadzlun Rozaini - a hated fashionista
Khairil 'Ery' Jasmi - the ghost 
Arman Rafiee - the junior fadzlun
Emelda Marvin Khoo - sexy mamasita from jakarta
Irzuddin Ismail - the plain guy who is scared to take risk
Amir Azhar - talented designer with a dirty mind
Rose Diana Sagala - miss thang
Erlina Jauhari - a mistaken modelesque girl
Mastura Kassim - the girl next door
Andrian Yusmal - the male model wannabe
Nik Azreen - the jambu
Anslee Hermasto - filipino imported
Norul Aminat Chang - the Vietnamese with a golden heart
Shamrin Ali Mamak - Norul's bestie
Mardhiah Razman - aspiring to be an architect, but never got the chance
Fardhi 'Fie' Ghazi - guy with many failed relationships
Asnaf Rozali - the boy that goes with the flow
Kharlief Basiran - the heartthrob
Fazura Railay - eccentric tomboy

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yes Betul

Ramai bertanyakan saya,

"Betul ke kau nak buat novel ni?"

Of course I am. I have great subjects to work with, making this story fun to write. hehehe

I will go extreme GAGA on this novel...

p/s: still untitled lg. tak tau nak namakan apa novel ni

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saya Gemuk, Saya Hodoh, Saya Pendek, Saya Segala Keburukan

oh tidak tidak. ini bukan entry yg membuatkan org bersimpati terhadap saya.
NO NO NO (ckp gaya kak fafau)

entri ni sebenarnye saye nak bercerita tentang perkara yg ramai tau and ramai juga yg mengalaminya..
Anda pernah diejek GEMUK?
Anda pernah menerima..'EE. KAU NI BODOH LA'?
Anda pernah dikatakan..'APSAL KAU NI TERENCAT SGT'?

yeap...kritikan, kutukan, whatever u wanna call it. smua org pernah dpt benda ni. unless kau muke budget model and very the even the most beautiful person in the world ni pun ada flaws dia. 
Nobody's perfect..ever heard of that?

yeap..(stop saying yeap so many times)..

To tell you the truth, saya byk menerima kritikan sebegini. well, to start things off, im a fat person. yes, i am fat. my current weight now is 120kg. so, hearing people calling me 'Gemuk!', 'Badan mcm badak!' and other hateful things dah sebati dgn diri saya. at first, mmg rasa sgt pedih when people call me those 'mulia' names. and at times i will cry...that was when i didnt yet developed....


yes people, self confidence. keyakinan pd diri sendiri sgt penting utk kite menjadi seorg yg lebih tabah, gagah dan berwawasan setia pelajar (motif lagu uitm).  tak kisah la kau gemuk ke, kau kurus sgt ke, kau pendek mcm dwarf ke, the main thing is..jgn biar org nampak kite as weak little beings. org yg tak mampu berbuat ape2. so here, self confidence takes its role. 

biarlah awak gemuk, tapi awak pandai menari, pandai bersosial, dan suka menolong
biarlah awak hodoh/muka penuh berjerawat, tp awak pandai menjaga hati org, pandai membuat org tergelak
biarlah awak pendek sgt/tinggi sgt, tp awak pandai mengaturcara sebuah majlis, pandai persuade people to do what they were told to

kite smua kejadian Allah, all were born differently with different traits and different physical capabilities. we shouldnt be criticizing it, we should be celebrating it.

ingat, self confidence tu sgt penting. bile ada keyakinan diri, nescaya org akan pandang rendah terhadap kite and memperlekehkan kite...

-spoken based on true stories-


Raja Segala Gala

His name is Sam Tsui

masuk Facebook and search nama dia

Sgt talented ye chuolz! 

Rase mcm nak tulis something..
tp mcm malas pulak..
tp byk benda dlm kepala ni nak dicurah-curah atas karpet gemilang ni...
tp macam susah je nak make them into words..(clean words)..



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dunia Baru

New Layout!

amacam? ok tak? ke, mcm hauk je?

hahaha. ape2 pun, i love it. 

new colour theme: Maroon 5. haha. dah. diam.

Monday, September 13, 2010


This blog will be Revamped..

New Name  (no need. i love the name)
New Layout
New Attitude

Coming Soon
(not so soon la)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heaven? Haven? Sama kah?

hello hello. ok so, i've been hearing a lot la, people confused of the word HEAVEN and HAVEN. pronouncing both mcm they are like the same word.

ok now,

HEAVEN: pronounced as Ha-ven (as in Ha- like u pronounce Hare. except for the -re la. or, like u say Heh.)

HAVEN: pronounced as Hay- ven (as in Hay like u pronounce Hayley, Hay. u get the point kan?)

yeap. itu sahaja. hehe. oh lupa plak nak bg meaning.

a paradise u go to after the day of judgement if u do a lot of good deeds. it is the reverse of Hell

1) A harbour or a port
2) A place where u seek refuge, or rest. in other word, sanctuary


Friday, September 10, 2010

The Time of The Year Again (Aidilfitri version)

Rabiul Awal
Rabiul Akhir
Jamadil Awal
Jamadil Akhir

Wow! dah sebulan dah berpuasa? are u kidding me? mcm baru je smalam i post the blogpost "The Time of The Year Again" versi Ramadhan punye. 

This time, its that time of the year again, where....

Syahdu je dgr takbir raya bergema di udara....terkenang waktu silam..
Pesta makan! Ketupat palas, lemang, nasi himpit, rendang, kuah kacang, lontong, air sirap, kuih raya....bla bla bla..Pergh! 
Tiket bus menjadi buruan. ada yg sanggup membunuh utk mendapatkannya! (ok, tipu yg ekstreme di situ)
Tikus- tikus beraya di jalanraya KL. (sbb terlalu lengang)
Polis forensik bekerja siang mlm examining mayat- mayat mangsa kemalangan Ops Sikap
Bermaaf- maafan di pagi raya...
"Abah, maafkan Joyah ye.."
tgk2, petang raya tu buat balik salah yg sama

and mcm2 lagi la ragam Aidilfitri yg kite bleh nampak. gile la kan nak senaraikan semua

Saya, Ammar Zahrol
menyusun sepuluh jari yg vogue ini
memohon maaf atas segala kesilapan atau ke-ter-overan, kehanjengan, keterlampauan yg pernah saya utarakan didalam blog ini.

dan akhirnya, saya mengucapkan..


(cue in lagu Bunga Api di Hati)


Friday, September 3, 2010


Mcm ku tak percaya...
Betulkah ini???


19th October
National Stadium Bukit Jalil

KuMahu pergi!
tp on hari selasa plak....

and tix dia mcm adui je...mane ku hendak cari duit ni???
dah la bulan october aku byk pakai duit...

OH GOD!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jom Pegi Kelas Bahasa


hmmm....whats the difference?



dah. tu je saya nak ckp kali ni. so, jgn keliru dah nak guna dua frasa ni (frasa ke?)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Di Persimpangan Dilemma....Yet Again..

Saya dlm dilemma...
apakah dilemma?
tgk dlm kamus dewan...

huhu.....pilihan antara dua...




The Time of The Year Again

Rabiul Awal
Rabiul Akhir
Jamadil Awal
Jamadil Akhir

Yes people, its that time again. The time where...

Menunggu waktu Maghrib has never been this anticipating as before
The yearly food fiesta where makanan yang tak pernah kita dengar tiba-tiba muncul.. 
eg: Agar-agar Lompat Kasih, Ikan Pari Bakar Maharajalela, Nasi Tiga Negeri..apakah?
Baru makan nasi sepinggan, dah feeling mcm makan nasi 50 pinggan and tertanya di dalam hati...
'should i go for that ayam percik or juz taruh for sahur?'
Kononnya nak slimkan badan..but tgk2, lg broad ada la...kena beli baju raya baru kan, sbb tahun lepas punye tak muat. haha
Tibe-tibe masjid penuh waktu malam because of Solat bile dah nak dkt raye...mcm ghost town dah dlm masjid tu.
Smua berani pergi toilet, balik studio sorg2 kul 3- 4 pagi thinking of
'Bulan puase mana ada hantu'
Hotel- hotel memulakan promosi buffet ramadhan
'RM50 for adult and RM28 for children'
p/s: dah disahkan halal ke oleh JAKIM, cik hotel oi?

and mcm2 lg la gelagat kite time bulan puasa yang mulia ni. hehe

cuma, i nak utarakan one thing la. bile dah nak dkt dah dgn hari puasa tu, byk org akan ckp

'wey, jom la makan best2 hari ni. lepas ni dah nak puasa. takleh mkn dah.'

'uisssh..lusa nak puasa dah, kena mkn byk2 ni.'

hmmm.....kena ke mkn byk2 b4 puasa? ok fine la kalau kau nak mkn ur favourite food before puasa cuz kononnya u will never see that food again for the rest of your life. I mean like, Bulan Ramadhan bukannye kite takleh mkn langsung. i mean, kalau kite ckp mcm 2 quote warna hijau kt atas tu, its like insulting the bulan puasa because we think that bulan ni is like a burden and penghalang utk makan. so....kite kena ubah mentaliti itu ye... (sape tak agree with me, please get out now). hehe. takdelah. ini juz luahan hati seorg insan sahaja...cheh cheh. 

Ok, akhir kata. jomlah kite make the best of Ramadhan this year. Buat pahala je dlm bulan ramadhan. tp jgn la dlm buan ni je, teruskan la melakukan ibadah sampai bile2 okeng? hehe



Wednesday, July 7, 2010


hello hello people of the world. assalamualaikum kepada semuanya....

hmmm.... COURTESY... disebut 'ker-te-si' or dlm melayunya, kita sebut 'kesopanan'.

yes sopan. kita sebagai rakyat malaysia, or bangsa timur mmg terkenal dgn adat and kesopanan. thats what we always hear la kan in tv and other medias. this post i want to talk about courtesy, based on what happened to me this evening.

ok here goes...

so, me and my friend were waiting for the bus at Ikano like usual, like any other days. we boarded the bus and we sat at our respective seats la kan. i was seating at the window seat, and beside me takde org duduk lg.

then more people were entering the bus and the bus dah nak penuh, and then came one chinese girl asking me

'is there somebody seating beside you?'

i answered, 'no. please take a seat. my pleasure'

and she sat...and whatever la kan. so, i was just waiting for the bus to move...then, came this middle aged lady. i thought she was a malay, but she is actually portuguese. but thats not the problem.

then the middle aged woman stand beside our seats, because bus dah penuh. and the girl beside me offered her seat, but the middle aged woman refuses, but the girl insisted and so eventually, she accepted the girl's offer. the middle aged woman was really nice....but then came...


i dont know dari mane ntah, dia tiba2 tegur that girl, he said

'thank you for offering the seat ah.'

the girl said, 'oh no worries'

then the man continued, 'u know, the young fellows ah, pretend to be sleeping and so selfish u know. cannot even offer a seat to the elderly. go and learn to UTM la, UM la, UiTM all la, but still no courtesy!'

i was like...ok, this is interesting. i dgr je la sambil watching outside.

then the middle aged woman asked the girl, 'u tak penat ke girl? come seat on the hand rest if u penat ah'

then the girl refuses because she said she dah biasa with standing.

then that man butt in 'yeah la, she dah biasa. she has courtesy. not like that big fat fellow beside you.'

OMG...he did not just say that! tp i kept calm, and juz dgr je la. i begin to take out my mp4 and plugged in my earhones. but i tak on pun. i juz kept it off. to dgr their conversation.

the man continued, 'u know, young people nowadays cannot understand whats courtesy u know. stupid la.'

then dia mcm perli i tau. 'ey abang, u tau ke ucap terima kasih kt pemandu bus itu?'

what the fuck la. mcm gampang sial. then dia continued 'u know girl, i always say thank you to the driver, but no one did that u know'

kepala hotak kau!

then dia continued lagi tiba2 ckp pasal sekolah, 'in those years ah, i go to school by a bicycle. everyday i cycle to school. not like nowadays, young people taking bus, parent send them to school, no wonder become fat like this fellow'

dia bersuara lg, 'dont know how to respect elderly people also. so shame la. what penat ah? stupid la penat. u fat like buffalo. penat for what' 

he continued blabbering and bangga diri until we reached kelana jaya station.

then he thank the girl, 'thanks ah girl for giving the seat. not selfish like him'

aku....mmg...rasa....mcm..nak...kasi PENAMPAR je kt kau!

fuck la stupid asshole! i dont get it, kenapa he has to attack me all of a sudden? and i didnt noticed him entering the bus and im at the window seat for god's sake, mcm mane i nak bg my seat to u la fucker?

and, please la. nak kata org muda takde sopan and whatever, u ada sopan ke? talking bad about people behind their backs (literally), u call that courtesy ke pak cik oi?

i dlm hidup, tak pernah tengking org tua. u were about to be the first one td. nasib baik kesabaran i still at the normal level. kalau tak..mmg aku dah hentak kau ngan bag aku.

i felt mad and sad at the same time.... the first time this thing happened to me. oh god.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Get Silly!

Yo peeps and peepets!..(ok, that just sounds weird)

anyway, i stumbled upon this website when i was browsing through the net the other day, and its pretty interesting. what so interesting about it? haha...let me introduce to u...


haha. its an accessory product, a new one (but not a new idea la), its like this rubber bands tp in many2 colours punye and ada byk themes to it tau. 

theres this dinosaur pack la, alien pack la, summer pack la. mcm2 la. and there's also a glow in the dark punye edition. it looks really cool and la, some of them mcm gummy worms. hehe.

its funny who created these cuz its a huge hit in the USA. come to think of it, its really funny cuz they're juz colourful rubber bands, cume with shapes. haha. but im in love with them too! so colourful...but its not in sale in Malaysia yet...dike.

anyway, if u guys nak any extra info on ape ke bendanye binatang ni, u can log on to :

or juz wiki this or something. hehe

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Point of Failure

Alhamdulillah for me, im still with the status in the list...

But for my friends....
its their worst nightmare...
i cried and cried and cried for them..

and also my worst nitemare is coming near..
the lost of a friend..make that friends..

why does this has to happen to me and my class...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tornado Kemalasan



nak buat cm mane..kemalasan melanda..huhu

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Titled Post

Pergh, bersawang ini blog! I swear I saw a big rat crossing by.

Anyway, im sorry for leaving u for so long dear bloggy. U know la kan, I’ve been busy with assignments and exams. So, tiada masa bagimu dear bloggy. Please forgive me….

(cue lagu sedih)

Ok! So what have I been up to this semester huh? Lets just say, semester 4 is an f-ing hell of a semester. Most of the time I feel really stressed up, but bile difikir balik, its quite funny and really stupid pun ada. Haha.

Owh god, now its over and in a week time I’ll be handling practical training! Part 5 people!

Hmm…byk benda sbenarnye I want to tell, tp takkan all in one post kan? Takpe, I’ll tell u the story peringkat demi peringkat. I’ll call the posts – Part 4 TingTong Moments

Stay tune..

Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming up this fall

Starting to update again next monday.
stay tune for the scenes from our next episode...

poyo je. haha. anyways, yeah, updates are coming up.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kesian Bloggy ni..

Sudah lama ku tinggalkan kau kan?

jgn sedih ye, aku bukan ape..
i've been so busy until nak tulis dlm ni pun mcm takde mood.

i'll make it up to u..maybe next week.
i'll make u hungry again ok...

anyways...what happened to bebo???

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exceptionally You

yet another brilliant video from paramore


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alexander Mcqueen..


Your designs will forever be remembered

A Tribute to a Fallen Sister..


11th February..

11th February...

8am - 1pm

mcm hari2 khamis yg biasa, pg class material then g uptown mkn,
lepas tu g class etr. then balik bilik. nothing new...


sedang aku asyik main farm mania dlm laptop, aku dikejutkan dgn lompatan hebat
roommate ku yg melompat dari katil atas dan bergegas hendak kluar bagai sudah
setengah jam lambat nak ke kelas...

pak ang(roommate saya): Mar, nanti kau klua kunci pintu eh, budak kelas aku accident.

pak ang juga pelajar diploma in building mcm saya, tp kelas lain.

saya: la, yeke? siapa yg accident?

pak ang: zamir, ciput, izzati, mek dgn abby. kereta diorg terbalik.

saya: ya allah ya tuhanku, mcm mane..

belum sempat saya menghabiskan pertanyaan, pak ang terus berlari kluar dari bilik..
saya terkesima seketika..terukkah keadaan mereka? mcm2 la saya fikir tetapi saya ingat
hanya kemalangan ringan sahaja...


saya dan nua bergerak utk ke kelas enviro dan saya nampak syafiqah di dlm kelas dgn muka
yg risau..

Piqa: korg tau?

Saya: aku tau. mcm mane keadaan diorg?

Piqa: Teruk jugak la, tp aku tak tau details

kemudian saya nampak iman berjalan ke kelas, dan raut wajahnya menampakkan dia sgt2 risau..
lagi2 izzati merupakan bekas roommatenye..

iman: wey, aku risau ni..takde sape ada kereta ke?

piqa: tadi nad dah g hospital dgn effy ngan cik azira

iman: la ye ke, apsal tak ckp dulu, aku pun nak pg

mata iman sudah bergenang dgn air mata. saya tak dpt menahan emosi, lalu saya pun
mula menitiskan air mata..

rakan2 kami yg lain mula memenuhi kelas dan mereka bertanyakan soalan yg sama..
'teruk ke wey diorg?' 'sape yg drive?' 'mcm mane dirog leh accident?' dan mcm2 lagi..

en salehan masuk ke kelas dan sedang berbual dlm telefon, raut wajahnya menunjukkan 
dia sudah tahu tentang kejadian ini..

en salehan: saya baru dapat call, rakan2 kamu terlibat dlm kemalangan..dan saya rasa
serba salah sebab mereka pegi site visit utk subject saya, dan terjadi pula mcm ni.
tetapi apa2 pun, kita teruskan sahaja kelas dan kita akan habis awal hari ini.

kami menjawab beberapa soalan tentang lighting calculations...dan en salehan mendapat
call seterusnya..

en salehan: adawiyah dan nabilah dilaporkan kritikal setakat ini. dan mereka masih
tak sedarkan diri..

perasaan risau kami semakin memuncak dan iman tidak dpt menahan air matanye yg mengalir keluar
tak henti.

iman: piqa, boleh tak kita tumpang cik huda ke sape2?

en salehan: saya dan en zul akan ke hospital nanti utk melawat mereka.

aisya: ha, tumpang encik je la iman..

iman: encik, boleh tak ktorg tumpang encik pg hospital?

en salehan: boleh2. tp takleh ramai2 la. kereta tu kecik je.

aisya: 3 org je encik.

en salehan: ah, ok2.

iman: korg sanggup ke temankan aku? takut korg penat ke ape.

aisya: takpe, aku ok je. 

sesudah habis kelas enviro, kami keluar kelas dan berbincang di luar..

saya: iman, kau samapi hospital nanti jgn nangis2 byk tau.

iman: ok, cuma aku risaukan diorg..

saya: we hope for the best, kay bye iman.

saya, nua, lissa, aisya, syanim dan juga yaya ke kiosk utk photostate nota dan dimension
paper. kemudian saya dan nua balik ke bilik...

sesampai je di bilik, saya trus membuka laptop dan membuka folder gambar dinner dan family
day kami semasa part 2...teringat kembali nostalgia lama...dlm fikiran saya, mcm2 benda
berlenggu di situ...saya berharap agar semua selamat dan tiada ape2 kes kritikal..


phone saya berbunyi, ada msg dari aisya. saya membacanya...dan tersentak. saya bangun..
berjalan keliling bilik dan duduk semula.. 3 perkataan dalam msg itu tadi menyebabkan
saya menjadi sebak dan terpinga...

  "mek dah xde"

air mata saya mengalir keluar...saya tak percaya bahawa salah seorang rakan kami dah
tiada di bumi ni...dah diseru illahi..

saya ke bilik nua dan menyampaikan berita itu..nua hanya mampu terdiam...

kemudian saya menerima msg dari nad menyatakan ada majlis tahlil utk arwah di pusat
islam selepas maghrib..saya mula menyebarkannye ke setiap part dan kelas...

saya masih tak percaya...batch kami kekurangan seorg..a sister..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Diary Budak Building


8 - 9.50 BLD 255(Environmental Science)
10 - 11.50 BLD 260 (Building Construction)
12 - 12.50 QSV 253 (Estimating)

2.15 - 3.05 BLD 260
3.15 - 5.05 BLD 293 (Building Services)

8 - 10pm QSV 253 (Measurements)


9 - 9.50 BLD 253 (Structures)
10 - 10.50 ACC 104 (Accountings)

4.15 - 5.05 BLD 293

8 - 10pm QSV 253


8 - 9.50 BLD 260 (Studio)

2.15 - 4.05 ACC 104
5.15 - 7 ENT 300 (Entrepreneurship)


8 - 9.50 BLD 255 (Building Materials)
11 - 11.50 ENT 300

2.15 - 4.05 BLD 255


8 - 9.50 QSV 253

3.15 - 5.05 BLD 253

its gonna be a hell of a semester....

Friday, January 1, 2010


while that piece of zionist shit is taking a shower, im taking this time to wish u guys a Happy 2010 New Year to all of u and mesti ramai yg dah ada azam baru..

but for me, entah la, i never had a resolution before. i dont know, i think if i ada pun azam tahun baru, i will never make it come true. so, juz go with the flow, thats what i always do.

so, im juz hoping for the best in 2010, and hoping for more drama, more catfights and...more friendship overs..

hahaha..and i hope bebo will somehow die of anguish or kembali ke jalan yg benar..

shit...he's coming out..wait, why am i scared of him? ni takleh jd ni.

Bebo's back...

oh, you're, unlucky for me.

-shut up u dumb shit, u sound unhappy when im around!-

of course, who isnt annoyed when ur around them? so, how's israel? killed any palestinians lately?

-ow ha, ha, ha. very funny. and i made a deal with the zionist. to let me take a share from palestine. 1/4 of palestine is mine! muahahaha!!-

stupid asshole. i wish i could juz kill u rite now. u anti-christ piece of shit!

-say all you want, but this blog....will be mine sooner or later...juz wait till that happens-

dumb piece of shit.....great, now i have a dajjal running around in this blog

The Gathering of The Unlikely...

(opening the blog door slowly)...hello? anybody there?...(walking in)...(turning on the lights)..

phewww...bebo tak sampai lagi. great. boleh la ku menulis dgn aman...

alright peeps, i have a lot to tell about last sunday's gathering and im going to tell!

ok so, woke up at 8.30am, my dad sent me to kj lrt and waited for syaz, ariff and fahmi..

waiting...waiting...sempat jugak menyanyi beberapa lagu..waiting...

and syazwan sampai. and i called ariff and fahmi to go terus to the curve and meet us there.

ok bla bla bla smua dah sampai. (malas nak cerita what happened in between cuz..entah malas la)

and we picked Thai Express as our gossip corner. haha.

its nice to see all of them especially pn su cuz its been a while sejak jumpa dia. she came with her daughter, Syafiqah which is going to be in form one already! cepatnye mereka membesar...

ok so, makanan sula sampai, makan la! then kami bercerita tentang sekolah...jeng jeng...

saya membangkitkan cerita mengenai kavi tidak mendapat sijil penghargaan utk editorial kerana menyalahkan pn su kerana tidak memberinya..

ini respon pn su: 'cikgu tak bg, sbb DIA TAK LAYAK! cikgu dlm meeting tu tanye miss mah(hotnye dia..) utk kemukakan bukti dia buat miss mah takleh nak buat ape, sbb takde bukti'


pn su bersuara lg: 'lagipun, mohanta(cikgu editorial yg tak layak) dgn kavi upah ariff fahim(ummm....) utk buat magazine tu. rasanya dlm 100 atau 200 ringgit diorg upah'

kami lg la goodness. apa yg berlaku ni? adakah kavi tidak layak menjadi editor???
itu persoalan yg saya rasa sudah terjawab..

kami rasa sgt marah because kavi berbuat begitu. dan dia sgt pentingkan form 6 dia tu. kata pn su, if dia masuk kelab seni, dia dah bleh dpt sijil penghargaan khas!

tetapi, apakan daya...dia sgt bongkak...huhu...

lepaih tu, kami ke cineleisure pulak, to watch a movie! sampai2 je di kaunter..

Ticket girl(reminds me of yuna): Hi welcome to cineleisure

Ammar: yes, 7 tickets for zombieland please

Ticket girl(cantik jugak dia): ok, these are the seats available

Kami: alrite...(sedang memilih tmpt duduk)

Ticket girl: oh wait, u guys are 18 and above kan?

Kami: yes!!

Ticket girl: and howbout her?...(pointing towards syafiqah)..

dang...the movie is 18PL. and she's juz 12!

Syazwan: tp kalau ada adult supervision, boleh kan?

Ticket girl: im sorry, still tak bleh cuz its the policy.

Syazwan: dang, sorok dlm bag ke?

Ticket girl: (menggelengkan kepala)...

ala....spoiler la plak....

Pn Su: takpela, u all tgk la, cikgu nanti jalan2 aound the curve and tggu korg habis.

ala....nak tggu movie ngan puan apakan daya, takleh nak buat ape2. so..

Ammar: ok lah cmtu, 5 tickets for 2.40 show

Ticket girl: alrite then.

kami ambik ticket dan belah dari counter. saya tgk org yg que(mcm mane nak spell que?) di belakang kami sudah mengeluarkan taring dan pistol dan pisau...maaf ye kerana terlalu lama..hehe sorry..

then, sempat jap bergossip dgn mama su di depan tangga(port yg paling bagus) sebelum masuk ke pawagam..

then, bye2 to mama su and hello to zombieland..

and only one word....FANTASTIC! best gile kot. and the clown kt tandas tu buat kimak je aku terkejut...sengal

then, off to jalan2 around the curve...dan pictures time!

jalan jalan jalan jalan..mcm takde hala tuju dah...and pn su decided to head home..

we sent her to her car and bid farewell...oh yeah, shakirin followed pn su..awal sgt la kau balik..

then...the rest yg tinggal singgah ke foodcourt ikea utk makan kerana syazwan kempunan utk mkn sweedish meatballs..

makan makan makan..i ordered the salmon and herbs, sedap jugak la. the meatballs are great too. kami berbual tentang kavi dan sijilnya lagi dan berkata betapa betulnya pn su, mmg kavi tak layak.

then, mcm dah pukul 7 cmtu fahmi nak ke times square plak, nak beli seluar. kami pun..ok lets go! but wait!!!

Saya: ariff, kau bleh ke kluar sampai mlm2 cmni? mak kau tak kata ape ke?

Ariff: tak, dia bg je. lagipun aku bosan la duk umah. aku benci mak aku.

Syazwan: ok....

then kami pg je la times square.. ok, stop toilet jap, nak camwhore! haha.

ok, jalan jalan jalan..then syazwan got a call from shakirin...telling that mak ariff dah risau because tak balik lg.

dang...ape la yg budak ni buat..

Ammar: ariff, kau dah btau belum mak kau?

Ariff: dah, dah btau. takpe dia tau.

Ammar: baik kau call skarang.

and so he called, telling where he is and everything. his mom sounds mad. then kami teruskan jalan jalan jalan..

then shakirin call lg, kata mak ariff risau lg...what the? bukan dia dah call ke?

tp kami buat bodoh dan teruskan jlan jalan jalan dan stop kt mcd utk beli makanan..duduk jap...gossip gossip gossip...then, ok jom balik.

on the monorail yg best ni...

Syazwan: tgk ni(sambil flash phone)

Ammar: what the? nak call police??

Fahmi: wey ariff, kau ni betul ke tak ni?

Ammar: baik kau call skarang. nah guna phone aku.

he called, then syazwan volunteered to talk to his mom..but dia taknak. dia nak ckp sendiri. dah la mcm tu, lg nak menipu mak dia. dia kata dah nak sampai lrt kj, padahal baru kt monorail kl sentral...aiyo..

then sampai kl sentral, we bid syazwan bye2 and naik lrt...fahmi turun at universiti, and tinggal kami berdua saje. that time dah pukul 10.45.

sampai2 je lrt kj, i followed him to his sister's car...

kakak: mana korg pegi ah??! korg pegi club eh?

i malas nak respond...i said bye to ariff and waited for the bus...

phew....itulah satu hari yg berlaku..mcm2 gossip. the biggest one is the kavi punye gossip.

and keesokannya, kavi asked me about the gathering and dia kata dia ngan siva tak pg sebab puan su. diorg menyampah tgk puan su...i was like, what???

then pasal sijil tu, dia kata pn su is lying...ok...i tak tau nak ckp ape, but kavi is the one who is lying...i know sgt...

alrite....i think thats about it, and..

(sound of the door creaking open)....

-guess who's back????-

Oh my god....