Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heaven? Haven? Sama kah?

hello hello. ok so, i've been hearing a lot la, people confused of the word HEAVEN and HAVEN. pronouncing both mcm they are like the same word.

ok now,

HEAVEN: pronounced as Ha-ven (as in Ha- like u pronounce Hare. except for the -re la. or, like u say Heh.)

HAVEN: pronounced as Hay- ven (as in Hay like u pronounce Hayley, Hay. u get the point kan?)

yeap. itu sahaja. hehe. oh lupa plak nak bg meaning.

a paradise u go to after the day of judgement if u do a lot of good deeds. it is the reverse of Hell

1) A harbour or a port
2) A place where u seek refuge, or rest. in other word, sanctuary


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