Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Speak Bahasa Melayu Properly..part 2

hello hello my students! kamu semua rindu saye tak?..-krik krik krik krik- bebo, where are all my students?-it's a holiday u idiot. why u semangat sgt dtg skolah?-..hmm...takpe takpe. i nak ajar jugak. Miss Maria Bosanova must tegakkan prinsip bahasa melayu. hmm bebo, why not u become my student for today?-bunyi pintu dihempas and bunyi org lari dgn rakusnye-..hmm..bodoh punye imaginary friend..
ok la takpe. so today, saye nak sentuh tentang perkataan dari and daripada

and of course, like in part 1, i've heard these 2 words been used incorrectly. Lagi2 on tv. i watched roda impian on tv3 yesterday and the host proudly asked the contestant, "awak berasal daripada mana?"..which is totally wrong according to tatabahasa.

why is that? here are the explainations:

dari is used to indicate where ur from. or where a thing is from. or whatever is from.
contoh ayat: Saya baru kembali dari percutian di Beijing.
                    Awak datang dari mana tadi?

faham kelas? faham? faham? ok faham bagus..next

daripada is used to indicate what a thing is made from, or to indicate a comparison between 2 entities..

contoh ayat: Laptop saya diperbuat daripada kayu
                   Daripada awak melakukan jenayah, baik awak menolong mak awak di rumah
                   Kucing saya lebih gemuk daripada kucing awak

see the differences people? yea...pandai..

saye bukan ape, kita harus menggunakan bahasa melayu dgn betul. jgn sampai too caught up with english sampai ur own mother tongue pun u salah guna...malu kan??
ok, time to find bebo..


Once you're dead..you're a legend..

Hello hello. So, yesterday  I went shopping..-tepuk la tgn sikit-..tak senang tau shopping, memerlukan stamina of a thousand horses.-ya ya ammar. Cut the crap and just go straight to the point u bitch!-..

Ok..so before me and my family went to one utama, we went to have lunch at this Arabic restaurant in KL named ‘Ar Rahwa’. So, pegi je la kan.(im not a big fan of Arabic food, tasteless la. No spicyness at all. And it’s so dry…)-Hey! Merungut pulak! Dah cukup bagus u dpt mkn tau! Aku hanta kau gi Darfur baru tau.- Who the hell are u? Selalu betul interupt org nak bersandiwara..urghh sengal! From now on I’ll call u Bebo...so, where was I? oh yeah the restaurant…

Waiter(Arabic): waheeda wassini ahlan wasahlan yayadan sharifah aini..(crapping something in Arabic to me)
Me(not Arabic): Huh? Sorry, I don’t understand Arabic.
Waiter(name dia Hadid kot tak silap saye): Owh, I thaught ur an arab. Sorry sorry. Ur face is like Arabic..(say this in arab people punye slang)
Me(whats my name?): Owh, that’s ok, I get that all the time( most of the time, lg2 kalau aku ckp menggedik guna American slang)

So, we ordered la the food and all and ate.( sorry, takde pic nak tunjuk cuz terlalu sibuk eating)
Then, I habis mkn I relax la. The table beside us is of a Malay family. The waiter was juz finishing taking their orders…I overheard their conversation..

Mak tua: U get or not the order? U understand or not?(in a really2 annoying kurang ajar punye tone)
Waiter: Yes2. I get all of it. Don’t worry.
Bapak tua bangka: get get! What u get? Angguk angguk mcm anjing!

Omg…seriously, u don’t have to say that ok…but that’s not the end..

Mak tua nak mampos: (talking to her children)..tgk la org yg datang Negara kita ni, buat melagak pulak. Pegi balik arab baru tau.
Bapak tua tunggu malaikat maut nak cabut nyawa: dah dah. That’s all, go go. Fast with the food. We hungry already. Tolol betul.(laughing in a cynical manner)

Waiter Arab yg baik pekerti: saya tau saye menumpang di Negara ini, tapi saya bukan tolol. Keluarga encik lah yg pertama saya nampak sangat prejudice. Saya akan bawa minuman. Assalamualaikum..

Bapak tua dan mak tua tercengang dgn muka yg sgt buruk lg guilty..
Haha! You go girl!..i mean guy..hehe.

Malu gile la ada org melayu like this. Dah la pandang slack kt org. so annoying and stupid…

And we all makan2 and habis mkn we took off for one utama…
Shopping, shopping, shopping…

I lalu lalang la kt ctu kan, and I saw speedy video shop tu tayang music vids Michael Jackson. Ramai were crowding over there. Hmm, I tak fikir ape la. I juz walked away

Then I lalu lg satu video shop, again, tayang vids from Michael Jackson. Ramai gile jugak. I was thinking..ok..what made people got so interested tiba2…

Then I lalu kat satu lg cd shop…again, vids from MJ. But this time, ada something different, ada sale on MJ’s music collection and there’s this board to write ur tributes to MJ. And there were signs saying king of pop la whatever…

So, apakah point saye ni? Ape yg saye nak katakan ni? Adakah ia satu kontroversi atau spekulasi? Atau adakah ia..-hey u!!! shut up can or not! So annoying la u..i want to sleep la- ok..sorry bebo..

My point is that why eh, bile seseorang tu dah meninggal dunia, baru la kita nak appreciate. Sebelum ni I tak nampak pun diorg play video Mj ke ape. CD dia pun aku jarang nampak. And tiba2 skarang mulalah nak tayang vids dia and mainkan lagu dia…I mean like..hmm..tak tau la.

So lepas ni, kalau siti nurhaliza pulak meninggal, buat la konsert kat kubur dia ke ape. And bagi terus cd free kat org ramai…tak gitu bebo?..bebo?..-kroh..kroh…kroh..-
Stupid bebo, tido..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I present to you...'The Retarded Language'

'Aku windu sawgt ngan kowg'
'Siyes? kau taw dari maner?'
'Yelar, aku pun tak tau ar'

mesti all of u guys pernah come across these 'misshy-gash' in a conversation. Yes, no problem there but, entah la. To me, it sounds like so retarded. Seriously. So annoying la these sentences. Patut la Bahasa Melayu like so downgraded. Org2nye yg menghancurkan sendiri. Ok, i know some might or will say to me...

'woi sial, suka ati aku ar!'
'mampos ah! kisah ape aku! ko sape nak betul2kan ni?'

Ok ok. All of you are right,  mmg it is not wrong unless u can understand it isnt it? Tapi, urgh...to me, it's retarded and like merosakkan the whole struktur of bm. And yeah, it sucks. Why kena tambah the 'r'? Comel ke? And like the 'kowg' tu? Haruske gune w?

Ok...ok! Sabar ye sabar, saya tahu kamu sangat tidak setuju dgn saye, dan saye adalah seorg yg busy-body...

fine. whatever bitch. it's still retarded to me...

'wei kowg, hawt tak aku?'

Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to end a friendship

What u need?
A lousy friend(or a few)

1) Know why you want to end the friendship. This will help you explain your reasons to your friend when she asks why you want to end it.(eg-ur stupid friend calls u a backstabber, or whatever that hurts u)

2) Re-examine your reasons. Friendships should not end because of a petty argument or because he said something that hurt your feelings. Your reasons should be based on fact and not based on rumor or speculation.
(tak payah susah2. if u think its right, then go for it)

3) Ask your friend to meet you. Choose a private setting. You don't know how she/he is going to react when you tell him/her you want to end your friendship and this avoids an embarrassing public scene.
(i prefer messaging. short and simple)

4) Get to the point. Don't dance around the issue. Dragging it out will hurt your soon-to-be ex-friend even more.
( hurt ke? mcm suke je)

5) Be honest about why you want to end the friendship and how you feel about ending it. Lying will get you nowhere and the truth has a funny way of coming out.

6) Spare feelings as much as possible. Just because you are being honest does not mean you have to be mean or nasty.( sometimes u have to be mean lagi2 if ur friend is a stuck up bitch yg ingat dia selalu betul)

7) Brace yourself for the reaction. The most likely scenario is that he is going to angry and hurt, but be ready for any response.( hey, kalau nak fight, fight je la. kalau dah mulut mcm sucka)

8) Stay calm. If she/he hurls insults at you or is antagonistic, don't respond by behaving the same way.
(hey, pantang aku kalau org maki aku, aku maki balik la!)

9) Repeat steps 4 through 8. If you feel that you still haven't gotten your point across, repeat these steps until you do.( or, juz fight..like normal people do..)

so, sape yg tak puas hati dgn aku tu..juz say it right to me. dont be a bitch...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Agnes Monica says...'Dan tak mungkin!'

I dont know why i feel sad watching this music video. so sad....beautiful song

Sometimes kita gena gelak!! hahahahaha

Ashamed !

Three guys and a girl are marooned on a desert island. After one week, the girl is so ashamed of what she's doing, she kills herself.

After another week, the guys are so ashamed of what they're doing, they bury her.

After yet another week, they're so ashamed of what they're doing, they dig her up again.

-uhhh...i dont get it..-


The difference

One day a boy asks his dad, "What's the difference between a pussy and a cunt?"

Dad thought for a minute and said, "Come with me."

He took his son to his mother's bedroom, where she was sleeping nude. "Son," he whispered, "see that brown soft furry patch? That is a pussy."

The boy asked, "May I touch it to see how soft and furry it is?"

"No!" replied his father. "That might wake the cunt up."

-hahahaha. ok, quite dirty if u ask me. Cunt = A fucker in british slang-


Role Model

Little Johnny and two of his friends were sitting on a front porch one day after school. Billy looked down the street and saw a bright red Corvette. "Some day I'm gonna be a lawyer so I can buy me one of those Corvettes," he said.

Robbie looked over at the driveway next to the Corvette and saw a brand new Ferrari. "I'm gonna be a doctor," he said, "so I can get me a fast Ferrari."

Little Johnny looked over at the other two and replied, "I'm gonna learn how to suck dick when I grow up."

The other two jaws dropped. "That's what my sister does, and she owns both of those cars," explained Little Johnny.

-lol!! : )-


p/s: these are juz jokes so be open minded ok.

Agnes Monica says..'Teruskanlah..'

I xoxo her new song! Its called teruskanlah.

pernahkah kau bicara tapi tak didengar
tak dianggap sama sekali
pernahkah kau tak salah tapi disalahkan
tak diberi kesempatan

kuhidup dengan siapa ku tak tahu kau siapa
kau kekasih ku tapi orang lain bagiku
kau dengan dirimu saja kau dengan duniamu saja
teruskanlah teruskanlah kau begitu

kau tak butuh diriku aku patung bagimu
cinta bukan kebutuhanmu

back to reff

kau dengan dirimu saja kau dengan duniamu saja
teruskanlah teruskanlah kau begitu

haha. kenalilah roommate anda..-tiba-tiba. motif?- hehe.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Look at my desktop. haha

bosan. haha.-i haha a lot la. annoying.-haha.-ah! haha lagi!-

One more week UiTM Perak!!!

Haha. yeap. Satu minggu sahaja lagi! Nua, Along, Aemon, Anas, Dey, Piqa, Iman, Aisha, Lissa, Nad, and semua...Jom kita terrorize UiTM Perak again!! hahaha.

Im looking forward to this 3rd semester cuz a lot have been planned. Actually, it is quite a mega-project.-wah, gitukan mega- Nak kena jumpa Miss Wani and tell her about the plans. Im positive she's gonna like it because the department with our KP pun dah mcm rancang jugak for this event. Juz nak persuade diorg bg ktorg yg handle. Kebaikan department jugak. Lets terrorize the archis!!-amboi, semua kau nak terrorize, motif?- Nasib la Miss Wani yg sgt comel itu academic advisor ktorg. Senang ckit nak berurusan kan...kan...

BLD BASH 2009!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

'Asian doesnt mean only chinese ok!'

haha..sengal. I said this when i was chatting with this person in yahoo chat. I told her that im from malaysia and ble ble bla. then she said, 'owh, thats in asia rite?'. I was like, 'yeah, it is'. Then she was like, 'owh, i think asian men are like so not cute. with weird eyes. i cant even see them.'

Ok....weird eyes? i think i know what she's talking about. 'I dont have weird eyes..whatever that means.' I showed her my pic and she was like, 'ya! You dont have it! Are you sure ur asian?'. Astagha pompuan ni, takkan aku mexican kot-ey, wait, i am racially ambiguous kan...people say muka i tak mcm melayu- but certainly im not chinese ok!

Then i explained to her about the countries in asia. Panjang lebar jugak la. agak odoh sikit pompuan ni. 'Owh u mean, there is more than chinese and indians?'. Of course la! We have filipinos, thais, indoneians, bangla, arabs, and not forgetting MALAYS!! I told her, 'U should study more on world geography. Dont be an american idiot ok.'

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What happened too all Malaysians?

Pandang kanan....filipino maid. Pandang kiri......buruh binaan indonesia. Pegi restaurant........african waiter/waitress. Pegi toitlet........acik cuci dari indonesia, takpun makcik tua orang malaysia yang menunggu saat panggilan ilahi.....saya termenung sorg2 dan berfikir punye fikir punye fikir-dey, kau nak pikir brape byk kali?-


Hello kelas, saya Miss Maria Bosanova dari Bosnia, dan saya guru Pengajian Am anda(bile pulak skolah lantik ni). Ye kelas, hari ni topik kita is 'mengapa ramai bebenor pendatang asing di negara yang sangat indah ini'. Hmm...mengapa? Mengapa ini terjadi? Salah siapa? Jom kita terjah..-oit! kau ingat kau michelle wee ke nak terjah org?-..ok ok. ada pendapat?

Manjono(buruh indon)- 'kayaknya, mungkin org malaysia ini memikirkan bahawa kerja ini tidak ada class'
Fernanda(filipino maid rumah datin sebelah saye)- 'owh, we filipinos are better in handling children'
Yolanda(TGI Fridays waitress from Zimbabwe)- 'I just want to live here peacefully and make money'

hmm......ok kelas, selepas kita sudah menemu bual mereka- mereka ini, kesimpulan yg dpt kita ungkaikan adalah?........-bunyi cengkerik-.....ok...(asyik aku je jwb, siape murid skarang ni?)

-Rakyat Malaysia yg takde kerja tu ingat kerja2 mcm ni takde standard.
(well, lebih baik kerja mcm ni than staying at home and buat babies! nak bagi makan ape kt anak2 kau tu? dah la miskin!!!!)
-Lepasan ijazah so fussy mussy
(Mereka sgt fussy. Nak jugak kerja yg berkaitan dgn kelulusan mereka. Well, for the time being, tidakkah ianya elok untuk bekerja sementara menjadi waitress ke, customer service assistant ke, at least u get soft skills sementara waiting for ur dream job to appear..if la ada..)
-Asyik complain!!!
(yes, people, my uncle who is ada sangkut paut with construction, dia kate org malaysia ni bile kerja lebih sikit or susah sikit jer, mula la complain. Padahal dia bricklayer je, bukannye architect! Panas la, tak selesa la, gaji sikit la....hello, dah kau tu kelulusan tahap spm je dik, itu je yg kau layak)

ha, tu dia murid2, realiti di malaysia yang serba indah ini. Saye pun pelik kenapa kementerian pendidikan ambil saya yang dari Bosnia ni jadi guru kamu semua? Guru Malaysia ni tak cukup bagus ke?..hmm. well, tepuk dada tanya sakit ke tak..ye murid2..ok kita ke topik yg seterus...

EY...ey!!!-terjaga dari lamunan cinta-''apa kamu buat di sini sih? Aku lagi mau mencuci lantai ini. Kayaknya duduk di shini. Goblok loe!''

hehe..sorry auntie.-terus belah dan pegi ke tempat lain untuk berangan..-

Monday, June 22, 2009

Please speak Bahasa Melayu properly

hello hello. i've noticed..a lot, on tv, radio or on the streets, malaysian people are like not speaking bm in the correct grammar. seriously, especially tv hosts. mmg a lot of times i dgr this-'semua peserta-peserta' or 'semua pelajar- pelajar'. that is totally wrong grammar-wise. salah la!-transform into my hi skool bm teacher(pn kartini)

explanation- 'semua' dah menggambarkan keadaan yg majmuk, atau banyak, jadi perkataan yg menyusul selepas semua tidak boleh dalam keadaan jamak(e.g semua kucing-kucing). salah dik, salah.-hehehe-

it should be- semua peserta akademi fantasia akan dibunuh selepas ini
ha! baru betul!

actually, bukan tu je, ada byk lg grammatical errors yg diorg buat. tp i tak dpt ingat la. nanti i update lg.

ok, class dismiss. oh sebelum tu, tolong hantar buku karangan kamu semua ye.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Checklist 1,2,3,4

things to get before going back to the Silvery Campus:
Category pertama: Clothing
1)T-shirts(lots of it!!!..ok la..dlm 4 0r 5 like that la)-junk food clothing-
2) Formal shirts(hmm…2 cukup la. Pakai sekali seminggu je pun)
3) A shoe(I was eyeing the ones yg mcm grungy punye kasut tu, tp mcm tapak senang haus jer. Dah la aku ni jenis jalan banyak)
4) Formal shoe?(Black leather shoe tu. Haruske? Actually nak beli ni pun juz because of the Majlis Penyampaian Anugerah Dekan tu je. Other days I tak pakai pun)- or should I juz pinjam from udin?
5) Jeans(haha..disebabkan saye ni ‘plus-size model’, hanya satu brande ni saje yg ada saiz saye-Dr Cardin. Which cost RM170 each)-mahal gile babi! Maybe sbb extra fabric kot. Hehe
6) Collared t-shirt?(haruske eh? I have like 7 already. Lagipun pakai pg class je. Hmm..maybe satu or dua sudah la)
7) Haha..paling ku suke..undies!!(boxers…nak yg ada muka spongebob tu..ngee)
8) Kalau ada extra moolah..nak beli one more sweater(It’s cold in the studio..)

Category ke 2: Toiletries
1) Shower foam( I love Palmolive aromatherapy punye. So the soothing one..)
2) Shampoo and conditioner(this time I want to use Clairol Herbal Essences plak. Goodbye sunsilk..)
3) Facial foam( slalu beli clean and clear…maybe nivea is better kot)

Category ke 3(Roommate punye favourite): Food stuffs
1) Maggi( asset penting ni…kena ada bodyguard jaga…)
2) Mcvities oat cookies( sedap gle! Dlm 10 minit boleh habis satu packet)
3) Jacobs Hi-Fibre( Buruan roommate2 ku yg tgh lapar)
4) Nescafe 3 in 1( Utk the sleepless nights yg bakal datang)

Category ke 4: Stationery
1) Technical pens!( asset paling penting ni, takde ni habis drawing takleh nak start…patah mata pen ni nangis tak berlagu la…)-each set cost RM96. So faham2 la bile dah patah.
2) Pens
3) Artline pens( smua artline ku hilang sem lepas gara2 terlalu nak rush berkemas kerana pak guard yg hatinye paling budiman di dunia ini menyuruh kami pulang ke bilik)-0.2,0.4,0.6
5) Glue stick( UHU punye)
6) Clear folder( to simpan the drawings..tak nak la jd mcm sem lepas, berterabur smua entah mane2)

I think that’s all…..-let me double check for a while-…….yeap. that’s about it. Kalau rase2 ada yg tertinggal, pandai2 la aku memikiorkannye..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What am i going to do in these last few weeks?

3 more weeks before going back to ze University dela Technoly Mara Perak....
waht am i to do??

i was thinking of making cards for my friends birthday(piqa and dey)..ape lagi nak buat ye...

baca buku kot. i dah lama tak bace buku cerita..

and maybe do some shopping...and more eating...and more onlining..and more sleep..

Monday, June 15, 2009


i miss Uitm Perak....
My friends!!!!

and uptown...hehehe

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Those were the days..

This semsester break i habiskan mase dgn aktiviti yg berfaedah(tipu!!)..yeas, sgt berfaedah(tipu lagi!!). Routine harian- bangun, makan, main sims3, tidur balik, on9, tidur kul 5 pagi and the cycle goes on. hahaha. tapi bukan tu je i buat, i did some drawings and some perancangan for next semester. oh yeah, im learning to speak english in different accents also(sah sah takde keje kan?).

anyways, i was going through my hi skool stuffs when i terjumpa balik all of my exercise books(add maths were the most). tersingkap memori lama. mcm baru smalam i peluk miss mah(and it was a shocker!!)hehe. and of course, hi skool, friends are like the assets to me. those guys made my hi skool day meaningful. haha. sangat lawak bile dikenang balik. hem.... sgt rindu....