Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to end a friendship

What u need?
A lousy friend(or a few)

1) Know why you want to end the friendship. This will help you explain your reasons to your friend when she asks why you want to end it.(eg-ur stupid friend calls u a backstabber, or whatever that hurts u)

2) Re-examine your reasons. Friendships should not end because of a petty argument or because he said something that hurt your feelings. Your reasons should be based on fact and not based on rumor or speculation.
(tak payah susah2. if u think its right, then go for it)

3) Ask your friend to meet you. Choose a private setting. You don't know how she/he is going to react when you tell him/her you want to end your friendship and this avoids an embarrassing public scene.
(i prefer messaging. short and simple)

4) Get to the point. Don't dance around the issue. Dragging it out will hurt your soon-to-be ex-friend even more.
( hurt ke? mcm suke je)

5) Be honest about why you want to end the friendship and how you feel about ending it. Lying will get you nowhere and the truth has a funny way of coming out.

6) Spare feelings as much as possible. Just because you are being honest does not mean you have to be mean or nasty.( sometimes u have to be mean lagi2 if ur friend is a stuck up bitch yg ingat dia selalu betul)

7) Brace yourself for the reaction. The most likely scenario is that he is going to angry and hurt, but be ready for any response.( hey, kalau nak fight, fight je la. kalau dah mulut mcm sucka)

8) Stay calm. If she/he hurls insults at you or is antagonistic, don't respond by behaving the same way.
(hey, pantang aku kalau org maki aku, aku maki balik la!)

9) Repeat steps 4 through 8. If you feel that you still haven't gotten your point across, repeat these steps until you do.( or, juz normal people do..)

so, sape yg tak puas hati dgn aku tu..juz say it right to me. dont be a bitch...

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