Wednesday, June 24, 2009

'Asian doesnt mean only chinese ok!'

haha..sengal. I said this when i was chatting with this person in yahoo chat. I told her that im from malaysia and ble ble bla. then she said, 'owh, thats in asia rite?'. I was like, 'yeah, it is'. Then she was like, 'owh, i think asian men are like so not cute. with weird eyes. i cant even see them.'

Ok....weird eyes? i think i know what she's talking about. 'I dont have weird eyes..whatever that means.' I showed her my pic and she was like, 'ya! You dont have it! Are you sure ur asian?'. Astagha pompuan ni, takkan aku mexican kot-ey, wait, i am racially ambiguous kan...people say muka i tak mcm melayu- but certainly im not chinese ok!

Then i explained to her about the countries in asia. Panjang lebar jugak la. agak odoh sikit pompuan ni. 'Owh u mean, there is more than chinese and indians?'. Of course la! We have filipinos, thais, indoneians, bangla, arabs, and not forgetting MALAYS!! I told her, 'U should study more on world geography. Dont be an american idiot ok.'

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