Friday, June 26, 2009

Sometimes kita gena gelak!! hahahahaha

Ashamed !

Three guys and a girl are marooned on a desert island. After one week, the girl is so ashamed of what she's doing, she kills herself.

After another week, the guys are so ashamed of what they're doing, they bury her.

After yet another week, they're so ashamed of what they're doing, they dig her up again.

-uhhh...i dont get it..-


The difference

One day a boy asks his dad, "What's the difference between a pussy and a cunt?"

Dad thought for a minute and said, "Come with me."

He took his son to his mother's bedroom, where she was sleeping nude. "Son," he whispered, "see that brown soft furry patch? That is a pussy."

The boy asked, "May I touch it to see how soft and furry it is?"

"No!" replied his father. "That might wake the cunt up."

-hahahaha. ok, quite dirty if u ask me. Cunt = A fucker in british slang-


Role Model

Little Johnny and two of his friends were sitting on a front porch one day after school. Billy looked down the street and saw a bright red Corvette. "Some day I'm gonna be a lawyer so I can buy me one of those Corvettes," he said.

Robbie looked over at the driveway next to the Corvette and saw a brand new Ferrari. "I'm gonna be a doctor," he said, "so I can get me a fast Ferrari."

Little Johnny looked over at the other two and replied, "I'm gonna learn how to suck dick when I grow up."

The other two jaws dropped. "That's what my sister does, and she owns both of those cars," explained Little Johnny.

-lol!! : )-


p/s: these are juz jokes so be open minded ok.

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