Saturday, December 4, 2010

I wish I had never set eyes on you!

Tadi dok selongkaq barang2 dokumen lama. then, terjumpa essay yg aku buat utk BEL260 (Preparattory Course for MUET) masa part 2 dulu. haha. bile terbaca balik, rasa mcm lawak.

Task: Write an essay which ends with 'I wish I had never set eyes on you!

And my essay goes like this:

  I have always dreamed of living in New York. Why? Well, I'm a budding fashion designer and what better place to start your career other in the Big Apple. So, I moved to New York last year and settled in a posh luxury suite in at one of the most elite hotel in New York, thanks to my father who has a few connections here in New York. The first two months here, yes it was fun but the work load was getting heavier by the day, but nothing ever prepared me for the thing that happened to me last year.

  It was a typical Monday morning at the design studio. Me doing my work on my latest collection for the Fall-Winter season. "Hey Am, did you hear about the new intern? They said he's John Galliano's nephew.", Jessica, my studiomate said. Nephew of John Galliano? So what?, I thought. As Jessica and I were talking about the new intern, Raphael, which was the intern, walked into the studio. "Hello, my name is Raphael Montenagra and Im supposed to be under the supervision of Ammar Zahrol. Where can I meet him?", he said with a rather husky voice. "He is right in front of you.", Jessica said to Raphael while pointing at me. I stood from the place where I was sitting and introduced myself. It seemed that Raphael was my intern. My boss assigned me to be his supervisor throughout the season's collection.

  "So, where did you graduate from?", I asked him. "Oh, from Parson's. I graduated with first class honours.", he said with pride. Great, another 'know it all', I thought to myself. "So, any experiences doing avant garde? Couture maybe?", I asked. "Of course, just name it. Haute couture, pret-a-porter, avant garde, costumes, I have done all.", he said. Yes, whatever. The time to put those to test. "Alright Raphael, I want you to sew all that pieces into the designs that I have sketched in that portfolio. Start with the easier ones first okay?", I instructed. "Okay, Im right on it.", he said.

  The first week was great. He did everything I asked him to do, but something about him is really disturbing, and sometimes annoying. The sewing, the beading, his designs, I was embarassed to say but, they were better than mine. 2 weeks more to the finale runway show at Bryant Park, and Alhamdulillah ninety percent of my work was done, all thanks to Raphael for helping me. One night, Raphael and I were up late at the studio doing the finishing touches to the garments. "I am really lucky to have you as my intern. Thank you for your help.", I said to him. "You're welcome, I am also delighted to be the intern to a really astounding fashion designer.", he said. I was really tired that night and cant go on anymore. Raphael noticed of me yawning a lot. "You should go home and rest. Let me do the rest.", Raphael offered me. "Are you sure? I mean, I dont want to burden you or anything.", I said. "No its okay. Im serious. You should go home now. Tomorrow's a big day for you.". "Oh alright. I should go home. Are you going to be okay by yourself?", I asked. "Yes sure. Just a couple of stitches left, then it's all done.", he said. I was pretty tired that night, I grabbed my coat and bag and left the studio for home. 

  The day of the fashion show arrived. As always, I picked up a cup of coffee at the deli nearby before I walked on to my studio on 5th Avenue. As I opened the studio door, I was  shocked to see all my designs...are gone! I was like, what in the tarnations happened?! I ran out from my studio and asked Jessica at her studio space. "Raphael took it all. He said you asked him to ship your designs to Paris this morning.",  Jessica said. Ship my designs to Paris? I certainly did not say that! Why on earth do I want to ship my designs to Paris? After that, I called Raphael a couple of times, he did not answer. What did he do with my designs? What was he thinking? What am I going to do now? The fashion show is in a couple of hours and my designs are gone. Moments later, I received a text message from Raphael. I was really mad and furious upon reading that message... "So you have noticed that your designs are gone right? I have to do it, I cant let you have these!". Oh my god, I wish I had never set eyes on you! 

The end.

haha. bodoh kan essay ni? haha. kene buat dlm setengah jam kot. tak tau nak fikir ape dah.  

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