Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Titled Post

Pergh, bersawang ini blog! I swear I saw a big rat crossing by.

Anyway, im sorry for leaving u for so long dear bloggy. U know la kan, I’ve been busy with assignments and exams. So, tiada masa bagimu dear bloggy. Please forgive me….

(cue lagu sedih)

Ok! So what have I been up to this semester huh? Lets just say, semester 4 is an f-ing hell of a semester. Most of the time I feel really stressed up, but bile difikir balik, its quite funny and really stupid pun ada. Haha.

Owh god, now its over and in a week time I’ll be handling practical training! Part 5 people!

Hmm…byk benda sbenarnye I want to tell, tp takkan all in one post kan? Takpe, I’ll tell u the story peringkat demi peringkat. I’ll call the posts – Part 4 TingTong Moments

Stay tune..

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