Friday, July 31, 2009

One Malaysia

one malaysia....the theme created by our prime minister. can it really happen? i hope so...

-nah, i doubt it. it's just a fantasy. a stupid fantasy.-

haih..bebo, u are so negative minded.

ok so, what does it mean to me? hmm...well, yela malay, chinese and indians living together in peace yada yada yada thing. but to me, one malaysia means more than that to me.

to me, living with chinese and indians are not a problem. i've been living(not in the same house ya) with them for all of my life so takde ape sgt la. racist tu perkara biase. who's not racist anyway? kalau u cakap u tak racist, thats such a lie. we are racist once in a while

-for u, its all the time!-

shut up bebo! anyway, one malaysia...sejak tinggal di hostel in uitm perak, 1 thing has changed in my life. i have more friends from other states. From the west coast, the east coast not forgetting the Borneos!

it's a fun experience blending with cultures from other states. like knowing new places(i've discovered the location of pekeliling bus station from a friend living in jengka, pahang. buat malu je org klang valley!), new food(kuih tepung gomak la, jelantah la, mcm2 la), accents! haha.

talking about accents(loghat), i seriously cant understand what kelantanese are talking to me. like one time, a kelantan guy asked me where do i lived but i've mistakenly interpretted that he was asking me to do something else. byk la incidents where i tak faham ape diorg ckp. but lame2, it's getting better. nasib ada walking malay-kelantan dwibahasa dictionary. hehe.

well, im greatful im living in malaysia. being a malaysian is really colourful...

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