Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Life and Times of Bebo..

Earlier today..
Help! Get me out of here! Bebo! U better get me out of here! U stupid bitch!!!

-jeng, jeng, jeng….-

Check, check…rock, rock…is this mic on? Hello? Hello?..i think it’s on. Muahahaha…uhuk uhuk..ok..hello fellow readers..i am very honoured to be talking to all of u..hahaha. what? Ammar u asked? He is…er..busy at the, I’ll be taking over..

Reader: How long?
Bebo: For..em..until ammar is free..
Reader: when is that?
Bebo: er..maybe..why are u asking me stupid questions?
Reader: no reason..
Bebo: then shut the hell up!

Ok, back to me, as all of u know, im Bebo, Ammar’s so-called ‘imaginary friend’..well, guess what, im no imaginary thing ok, I exist!! Muahahaha!!!..uhuk uhuk uhuk..

Reader: U’ve got to lay off those evil laughs though.
Bebo: Shut up! I’ll laugh when I want to!

Interruptions…hate it. So, as im taking over..i’ll be talking about world domination..hahaha. this world will be mine! Mine I tell u! all of u will be my slaves!!

Reader: me too?
Bebo: No, u’ll be sentenced to death after this..tsk..
Reader: Cool!

Anyway, before I make u my slaves, I want all of u to know who I am! Here’s my biodata(that’s me in the picture..dont laugh at it!!)…

Full name: Bebo

Nak panggil ape?: Bebo sudeyh..

Date of birth: When Ammar started imagining me..

Siblings: an only child…sob sob

Nationality: Everywhere…I can be found anywhere!! Haha(as long as there’s internet)

Ambition: Evil world ruler

Address: Currently menumpang in this page..but It’ll be mine after I vanquish Ammar!! Hahaha!

Lifetime Aspiration: to dominate humanity!

Favourite food: hmm…what Ammar eats

Favourite movie: what Ammar likes to watch

Favourite hang-out place: in a dark corner..

U shall bow to me!! Im ur ruler!! Muahahaha!! Muahahaha!! Muahaha..


Who is that?..huh!!!

Jeng, jeng, jeng…

-bebo, cut the crap. Go back to ur room.-

What? But.. I thought I locked the door already!

-yeah, but u forgot one thing…u left the key outside the room. As I was screaming for help, luckily there was one kind reader helped to unbolt the door..stupid mistake isn’t it bebo?-

Urghh…stupid key! long for world domination…sob sob..

-yeah u got that rite! Dah dah, pegi pegi. Menyemak je. Go back to ur room. And get back in ur brackets, annoying la talking in this..-

Ok…sob sob(walking back into the brackets)..
Ok…so, what a drama huh? Well bebo, u cant outsmart domination my arse la…

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