Friday, July 3, 2009

The 3rd Semester Pledge

hey hey ya'll! yeah, tomorrow i'll be journeying back to the silver campus-yeah yeah! go go! let me stay here and create my plans for world domination!! haha- Na ah u wont, u're coming with me bebo. -dang!- anyway, before starting the 3rd semester(which i will be expecting more and more dramatic scenes) i would like to pledge a few things which i want to achieve during the 3rd semester. ok, here goes..

I pledge for the 3rd semester, I will:

1) Never to delay assignments again-yeah rite, i doubt it. u'll be partying with ur friends than doing ur assignments...heh!-

2) Eat according to time and more thrift this time-haha, this is a joke rite? how much do u spend a day again??? hem??-

3) Always hear what my team mates have to say and come up with a logical solution-haha, u never listen to people. how are u going to achive this?-

4) Make sure BLD BASH 2009 is gonna be a dream come true-good luck to that! tsk..-

5) Study harder and get into dean's list again-haha..ur in the dean's other list. haha-

6) Have more pictures taken!-ape kena mengena ni?-

7) Have more fun with my crew-they dont like you-

8) Never get stresed out if there are problems occuring, sama ada involving friends or courseworks
-yeah rite, i bet u'll be crying again on ur bed-

9) Doa often for my success, family and friends-pray for me too!!-

and finally...


xoxo guys.
I promise I will update often ok.

1 go-sees:

shark_rulezz said... nya...
aku doakan agar ko dpt apa yang impikan..amin

best nya kalau kampus yang kuat nya pada fakulti...mcm mcm event ada...