Thursday, January 5, 2012

Apa Beza?: Cupcakes and Muffins

One incident I encountered at a bakery in KL last week:

Auntie: Can I have that cupcake please (pointing at a bunch of blueberry raisin muffins)
Pekerja: Oh you mean this muffin?
Auntie: Muffin? No no. I want cupcake, that one (pointing at the same bunch of muffins)
Pekerja: Uhh...ok (cupcake pun cupcake la makcik oi)

Me (dalam hati): terang-terang tu muffin, dah label pun tertera 'Blueberry Raisin Muffin :RM 2.50'

Ape2 je la kan. So, from that incident, saya pun macam terfikir, hmmm...are muffins a type of cupcake? Or are they both a different entity?

So, I've made a simple research and also tanye kat one bakery inilah hasil penyiasatan saya:


  • It is exactly just the same as a whole cake, but it is baked and served to serve one individual (in terms of the size)
  • Usually frosted with icings and other sorts of accessories
  • Un-frosted cupcake DOES NOT equate to a muffin 
  • Butter is usually used in cupcake recipes
  • So therefore,CUPCAKE IS A CAKE


  • Simply mixing the wet and dry ingredients together and some recipes do not even require an electronic beater or whisk
  • Can be frosted or not frosted
  • Can be sweet or savoury (other than letak pisang or other sweet stuff in muffins, bleh gak letak beef bacon ke, cheese ke, chili ke or whatever la)
  • Frosted muffin DOES NOT equate to cupcake
  • Oil is usually used in muffin recipe
Conclusion: Cupcake = kek, Muffin = type of roti

Tak kisah la korg nak panggil ape pun muffin ke, cupcake ke, akhirnye masuk perut jugak ken....


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