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Say what??

Hahahaha. non-masscommers maybe tak faham dengan post title ni, (or maybe masscommers sendiri tak faham? aku sorg je yg faham?)

Ok, the examinations for the first semester is over, and therefore automatically means it's the beginning of the semester break (Weeeeeeeeeee....?). Jadi dalam blog post kali ni, I will be recapping what that I have learnt in Mass Comm for the first sem ni la. Actually, this is like a post for my junior yg bertanyakan saya ape yg saya belajar dlm mass comm, jadi, I make this specially just to explain on the courses. 

Ok, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...

ADVCOMLIBJRN.... what the hell kan? well those are actually combination of the course codes that I've took this semester in UiTM Shah Alam.

ADV 410.....Principles of Advertising
COM 410.....Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
COM 411.....News Writing and Reporting
COM 412.....Photo Communication
LIB 410......Psychology
JRN 410.....Principles of Journalism

So basically actually part 1 masscomm ade 7 subject including CTU, but CTU kami yg lepasan diploma UiTM ni diberi pengecualian kredito, so 6 je la subjects pun. So let's begin the review shall we!

#1 Principles of Advertising

Course structure: Core subject for MC224- Bachelor in Mass Comm (Advertising)

What to learn: Basically, course ni is an introduction for the advertising students untuk mengenali dunia periklanan dalam Malaysia and also the global scene of advertising.  The course includes the topics of Marketing, Broadcast Media, Consumer Behaviour, Media Planning and Buying, Copywriting, Strategic Research, Evaluation of Effectiveness, Interactive Media and others. Principles of Advertising ni memperkenalkan the basics of advertising and also a persediaan untuk advertising students for the future semesters as we will learn more in depth on the topics in this course.

Reference book - Advertising & IMC

*Lectures (includes tgk video advertisements yg berkaitan)
*Presentation for a simple survey research done by us in groups 'Facebook usage among Mass Comm students'
*Final project presentation for campaign proposal 'Married on Everyone Connects'. My group neck in neck dgn group Mawi. But in the end, group Mawi menang the proposal. Congrats again!
*Assignments: advertisement portfolio, comment on offensive ads, comment on segmentation of ads, poster for kempen pilihanraya, survey research on facebook usage among mass comm students, final project campaign proposal.

#2 Introduction to Communication and Media Studies

Course structure: Core subject for all Mass Comm sequences

What to learn: Better known as 'introcomm' by us masscommers. This course is the fundamental knowledge yang mesti diketahui oleh semua pelajar mass comm.  Subject ni merangkumi every parts of mass communication, with topics on Magazines, Books, Advertising, Radio, Movies, TV, Internet, Public Relations, Media Ethics and others.  Subject ni bagi saya agak berat sikit sebab many facts have to remembered not forgetting the history bagai. In learning this subject, kite banyak main dengan terma-terma la, the terms that are used in the media world.

Reference book - Introduction to Mass Communication

*Presentations: satu topic dua org akan present, so kirenye the students yang akan jd the 'lecturer' in explaining on the topic. So every week different people will present on different topics
*Assignments: TV/radio program analysis based on the subtopics in the book, group case study on TV/radio programs (my group did on Majalah 3)
*Mid term test

#3 News Writing and Reporting

Course structure: Core subject for all Mass Comm Sequences

What to learn: One of the subjects that I enjoy learning.  This course takes us into the news world where we learn the art of news writing and the ways of reporting news.  Dalam subject ni, students akan encounter with terms in news writing such as Hard News, Soft News, News Lead, Story Structure, Kickers, Transitions, News Arrangement, Interview Techniques, Nut Graph and lots more.  This subject memang akan menarik minat those yang suka menulis.

Reference book - Writing and Reporting News

*Lawatan akademik ke Kumpulan Media Karangkraf
*Pop Quiz Gameshow
*Presentations about random topics given the lecturer
*Assignments: 2 page article on random topics (I chose Lady Gaga), writing news lead, writing hard news and soft news, quizes and tests.

#4 Photo Communication

Course structure: Core subject for all Mass Comm sequences

What to learn: Subject ni my favourite! hahaha. This subject is great for the photography enthusiasts, where students akan belajar the fundamentals of photography and ways in handling a DSLR camera.  Pelajar akan belajar the techniques of photography that include Fast Shutter Speed, Slow Shutter Speed, Limited Depth of Field, Extended Depth of Field, Panning, Landscape, Silhouette, Night Photo, Portrait, Architecture and others. Some of the photos yg I tgkap:


Extended depth of field

Limited depth of field

Slow shutter

*Photo outing: Outing to places utk tangkap2 gambar. Outing with classmates, sendiri2 or dgn sesiapa sahaja yg anda mahu, asalkan hantar smua gambar.

#5 Psychology

Course structure: Core subject for all Mass Comm sequences

What to learn: Subject yang paling psycho semester ni. hahaha. Psychology, pelajar2 akan belajar tentang teori2 yang digunakan dalam alam psychology dan juga students boleh relatekan asas asas psychology dgn kehidupan harian seorg manusia itu.  At first, saya mcm takde  mood and perasaan utk belajar subject cuz...entahla, mmg tak bermood utk psycho. Tapi, as time goes by, I felt more interested to this course. Ok so dlm subject ni students will be introduced to the basic principles of psychology, including the theories of psychology: Structuralism, Behaviourism, Functionalism, Gestalt Principles, Emotions, Motivation, Perception and lots more.

Reference book - Psychology: An Introduction

*PBL (Problem based learning) presentations: Groups will be given one sub-topic each then present it to the class
*Research presentation: Done in 2 stages, first stage is the topic proposal (done in the early semester), the 2nd stage is the findings of the research (done in the final weeks of the semester). My group had done the research on murtad issue in Malaysia.
*Mid term test and quiz

#6 Principles of Journalism

Course structure: Minor (All students are required to choose one minor/elective subject of other sequences)

What to learn: In this subject, you will learn about the basic principles of journalism which include Journalism Ethics, News Agencies, History of Print Media, History of Journalism in Malaysia, Human Rights and Press Freedom, Profession of Journalists and other subtopics. Dalam kelas, the lecturer will always ask us questions, that we need to think. She encourage us to think and think and think sbb journalists must think on their feet.  Journalism is one of my favourite class because I feel I get a lot of input about the media world today and it somehow helps me in my other subjects such as introcomm and news writing sbb it connects, and plus it broadens my mind more about the world.  Tugas seorang wartawan is more than reporting the news, they educate the public.

*Mid Term Test and Final Test
*Presentation on research topic (mine was on Internet Journalism)

So there you go, an almost complete compendium guide to Part 1 degree courses in mass comm. Akhir kate, mass comm is a really fun field to study (ayat cliche nak mampus).

other minor courses-
PRO410 Principles of Public Relations
BRO410 Principles of Broadcasting
PUB410 Principles of Publishing
INC410 Principles of Interpersonal Communication
CIT410  Principles of Instructional Communication
CMP410 Principles of Communication Management and Policy

owh p/s: yg ade final exams - principles of advert, introduction to comm and media, psychology, and other minor courses yg aku tak ambik.


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