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Apa Beza?: Proof and Prove

Hello hello people. This is another short update of me explaining the difference between Proof and Prove.

Anonymous: ek eleh! tak habis-habis pasal bahasa inglish! bosan ah woi! blah ah! ko ingat ko terer sgt ke?

Well Mr. Anonymous, seperti biasa, saya tidak memaksa sesiapa pun baca. Tujuan saya hanya adalah utk clarify penggunaan 2 perkataan diatas itu kerana saya byk jumpa org2 yg menggunakannye dgn salah.... especially when they mixed up between the two. Jadi jika anda sudah pun tau, ataupun tidak mahu ambil tahu... sila je la tekan x dkt window anda (ayat sentap)

Bahasa Melayu translation: bukti

When used as noun: Evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth (bukti yang mencukupi untuk menyakini bahawa sesuatu perkara itu benar)
When used as adjective: Able to withstand (kebolehan mengatasi)
When used as verb: To examine for errors/mistakes (untuk mengenalpasti kesalahan)

Uses in sentences:
-Used as noun-
1) In order to claim the prize, shoppers have to present the proof of purchase of the product at the counter.
2) You cant accuse him of stealing your candy bar if you dont have any solid proof.

-Used as adjective-
1) The windshield of the car is bulletproof. (used with an object)
2) The paint is invented to proof against outdoor temperature changes.

-Used as verb-
1) Advertisements must undergo proofreading before it can be properly advertised.
2) Marion, can you proofread my thesis for me?

Synonyms: confirmation, support, evidence

Bahasa Melayu translation: bukti

Meaning: To establish the truth/to turn out/to give demonstration of by action (untuk membangkitkan kebenaran/untuk terbukti)

Uses in sentences:
1) Prove to me that you are worthy of becoming the next MasterChef.
2) The experiment conducted yesterday has proved to be successful.
3) The antidote has been chemically proven to cure all illnesses. 

Synonyms: demontrate, confirm, verify

- Dua-dua perkataan membawa maksud bukti, tetapi prove adalah lebih kepada penggunaan untuk kata kerja (verb). 

Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus


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