Monday, July 25, 2011

Apa Beza?: Famous and Infamous

Hello hello people.

This is just a short post of me explaining the use of the words 'famous' and 'infamous' in sentences and the difference between them.

If you already know, ok tak perlu la baca, boleh tekan je x kt atas tu (ayat sentap).

Famous (pronounced fay-muhs)
Bahasa Melayu translation: terkenal
Meaning: having a widespread reputation for something/act that is usually for a good/favourable nature (mempunyai reputasi untuk sesuatu tindakan atau perlakuan yang dilakukan, selalunya untuk tujuan yang baik)
Uses in sentences:
1) Siti Nurhaliza is famous for her angelic vocals.
2) Malaysia is famous for its wide variety of food and culture.
3) The dance crew gave a famous performance.
4) Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous chefs in the world.
Synonyms: notable, illustrious, celebrated, eminent

Infamous (pronounced in-fuh-muhs)
Bahasa Melayu translation: terkenal
Meaning: having an extremely bad reputation for an act/doing
(mempunyai reputasi yang buruk disebabkan sesuatu kelakuan/tindakan)
Uses in sentences:
1) The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center is an infamous act.
2) Jormal Hanim and Memek Suhaizah are infamous for their scandalous behaviors.
3) Mona Fendi was the most infamous Malaysian outlaw in the late 90's. (outlaw = penjenayah)
Synonyms: notorious, disreputable, wicked, villainous

- Infamous is the opposite of famous
- the root word of famous and infamous is fame
- For a clearer understanding on the pronunciation of infamous, just go to google translate, then translate English to English of the word, then dgr the pronunciation

Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus


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nice way of explanation these two words.

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thanx nava. a small help for my friends to understand these 2 words better