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Review FIXI: Zombijaya

Zombijaya by Adib Zaini

Assalamualaikum and hello hello!

Alhamdulillah, dah habis bace 2nd FIXI novel that I had bought, Zombijaya by Adib Zaini in which aku habis bace just in one dayy! Hahaha.

Mengisahkan these 5 friends: Nipis, Sofia, Aliff, Ana dan Kamarul, each with different witty personalities menjalani kehidupan masing-masing. Nipis kerja as Domino's Pizza punye delivery boy who is adik kembar to Ana, an aspiring new teacher who is in a relationship with Kamarul who is a contestant on a new show called 'Emperor Lawak' who is the bestfriend of Aliff who works for this Dato', who is also in a relationship with Sofia, an MLM enthusiast.  Smua benda-benda pelik ni started mase malam tahun baru which they celebrated together, and there comes this anjing gila mengganas dkt diorg who accidentally (or purposely) bitten Aliff's hand. So dari situ, dia mengalami perubahan diri yang akhirnya...membuatkan satu Lembah Klang turn into a Zombijaya, where cerita menjadi turning point disitu.

Plus points:
  • Jalan penceritaan yang menarik dan in-depth: the author did a good job in penyusunan ceritanya that makes the reading of this novel an enjoyable one. Flow cerita ni tak kelam kabut, sebab ade novel yang gune teknik 'flashback' tp its not understandable, tibe2 jump ke satu era, then jump balik ke satu era yg lain tanpa ade kesinambungan yang berkesan, but in this novel, the flow of the flashback is good between the past and the present. Plus, the story telling is unpredictable, which makes it a good read.
  • Cover buku cantik (cuz i do judge a book by its cover)
  • Characters yang harmoni: Hahaha lagi satu saya tertarik dengan novel is because of the characters, macam2 peragai and macam2 kerenah, which makes it colourful dan tambahan pula cara penulis describes the characters is good and in depth, we feel the connection.  Plus, cultural diversity tu wujud  dgn characters from other races such as Sanjiv, Dr. Siva, Beth, Bryan and others. So, ade la feel 1 Malaysia di situ. Haha
  • Dramatic: Nama pun Zombijaya, which includes zombies and deaths. Saya suka cara penceritaan scene2 yg berlawan ngan zombie, lari dari zombie, selamatkan org from zombie which the author pandai terapkan the element of dramaticness, sampai saya menangis dalam beberapa scene (dramatic sungguh! hahaha)
  • The story is also accompanied with relevant illustrations, which seem interesting
  • Novel made for a movie: Flipping through the pages of the book, it occurs to me that this novel is like a movie.  Mcm im reading a movie script of an upcoming zombie apocalypse movie.  Saya senang membayangkan the settings, the characters, the environment because the way the story is told is just like a movie, sbb tu i say this novel is made for a movie cuz just cut and paste je from novel to the movie. takyah ubah ape2 (well maybe for some of the scenes la which i find terlalu erotic). Oh yeah, the novel also remind me of the movies Zombieland and Book of Eli.
Minus points:
  • I know the prinsip of FIXI is pulp fiction and the author can use slangs and bahasa celupar smua cuz they're aiming for urban and the current trend tp.... for me la, in some parts tu, ade penggunaan bahasa yang a bit inappropriate for the younger readers ie. 17 and below. Maybe FIXI could letak disclaimer kt cover? hahaha. no no, joking. Tp yela, i am just worried for the younger readers la tibe terbaca perkataan 'k*nek', 'te**k' and whatsoever lg. Celupar tu in moderation la.
  • Typo errors here and there, tp takpe la, it's forgivable. 
Ok, all in all, Zombijaya IS a must read! 

*FIXI novels can be found in all major bookstores in Malaysia, priced at RM20

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