Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mimpi yang....Starstrukkish

hello! yes its the semester break! woohoo. yeah, taking my driver's license during this break(finally). ok, so, smalam i mimpi someting best jugak la. dah tgk vclip 30h!3 feat katy perry dah? its called starstrukk. and yes, ada kaitan with my mimpi.

-do i care about ur fucking dream?-

whatever bebo, get a life. ok back to the dream, i mimpi all of my batchmate from my hi skool and my blidmates from uitm were in the video. it was like...ok. yg penting, aku jd katy perry! hahaha. i cant remember who jd 3oh!3 but it was awesome. and kan ada scene yg pompuan2 tu lari towards them rite, the pompuan2 tu..are my lecturers and my school teachers! hahaha. lawak sial.

i remember seeing pn kartini's face in the dream. brings back many memories...hmm..ape motifnye???

-motifnye is that kau takde keje lain and asyik berangan je kejenye. bongok!-

hmm...thought of sending encik bebo ni to military camp..

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Kee_riN said...

omg, best kalo dpt bayangkan mimpi ko tu.. pn kartini, hahahha..mesti comel gile video klip tu