Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exam, Friends, Drama, Whatever

hey hey! its been too long. lama sgt tak write in this dusty blog...bebo, can u help me sapu all the sawang please.

-fuck u!-

fine, i'll tell ur secret to the whole wide world about u were..

-ok ok! sheesh...suka mengugut..babi-

ok, where was I, oh yes...hmm..exam week..

i dont know la about this semester whether i can strive again to get a dekan or not..its like..oh god.

my on going assessments marks were like- 'aiyo! apsal low gila wey?!', 'fucker! why is he higher than me?!' and 'eeee!! tak adil dia lg tinggi cuz dia meniru in his'her test!!'....

yup...un-fairness...takleh nak ckp ape la kan cuz benda tu dah lepas. petang td baru habis paper measurements and estimating, and it was wickit! i boleh jawab and confident that most of it are correct...i hope.

aiya...i feel really lemah these few days. tak tau kenape...maybe because of the studying i assume..sampai nak pecah otak aku!

anyways, tinggal 2 paper lg and im going back to my home on the 15th. hope it goes well....

-my next paper is on monday, FUC456 Fundamentals to Taking Over The World. Muahahahaha!!-

shut up bebo..

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