Saturday, May 16, 2009

Woohoo! My first bloggy!

Hello hello citizens of Ammarellaville!! hehehe (poyenyer!). My first blogspot blog! kinda late isnt it? oh whatever. So, hmm....hmm...-tertido jap-. Ah! What do people always write in their blogs yeah? Im not sure but in my blog, there's gonna be everything. Gossips, my life, gossips, reviews on music/fashion/movies etc, gossips, gossips,...gossips and more gossips! hahaha. Takdelah. Ape yg I rasa nak write into this piece of lard, i'll write in it. Semua dari otakku. Talking about gossips, who loves to gossip? (me! me! me!). Dosa tau gossip. Tapi nak buat mcm manae, dah mulut orang...we cant shut them up (including my own mouth)..hahaha. Ape yang aku merepek ni? Dah dah. Back to reality. So, this is my intro. Tak tau la nak tulis ape lagi. Nanti i fikir something lah.-pening kepale-

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shark_rulezz said...

wow love it. awal awal da start mcm best je ni