Sunday, May 17, 2009

Antm needs reality!

Hey all, how's it going? I hope good. So, in this post i want to talk about one of my favourite reality shows on the planet which is...AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!!! Wanna be on top?- wah, gitu kan-hehe.

alrite, cycle 12 which is the latest cycle of antm just ended and i'm like so f-ing disappointed in the results. Seriously, very very disappointing-is that the correctly spelling for disappointing?, or is it dissappointing?.......thinking....thinking....yeap! correct spelling- anyway, as i was saying. Yeah, i hate the winner this time. Who's the winner huh? Tu hah, terpampang dengan gemilangnya kat atas tu. What's her name? Teyona nama diberi. Where's she from? Somewhere from planet jupiter i think. Why did she become antm? Cuz tyra and judges are on crack at the judging. Seriously, antm is like going down..way down.
I noticed this since cycle 9 where she crowned that bowl haired Saleisha. I was like: Are u f-ing kidding me? That budak mentah? Her portfolios are not even satisfying. Chantal(the runner up) was way better. Aku redha je la. Nak buat macam mane kan. And so, I waited for cycle 10.
Ha, when cycle 10 started, I was like: omg, this is like the best line up ever. All of the girls are so pretty. Pretty je tak payah la kan kalau perangai mcm pariya. So, the top 2 were Whitney(the fat bitch) and Anya(i love her!). Guess la sape menang....WHITNEY! I was like: Biar betul judges ni. I mean, ok, her photos( some of them) are great but she has a personality of an ice queen. She is two faced and like acted like a bitch and Anya deserves it better. WAY BETTER! The second time I 'redha je la'.
Cycle 11? couldnt care less. Im not that intersted in cycle 11. But the winner is..hmm...bolehla kot. Juz her personality is a bit boring and predictable. But her pics were awesome. Mckey namenye.
Datang pulak cycle 12, i was impressed by the line ups also. But looks can be deceiving. Alrite so, Teyona's pics were great and urm...quite editorial but her personality in peron and with people...SUCKED! She doesnt even look like a model. Bodoh gile perangai. So f-ing annoying! U should ee the video when they went for the go-sees. Urgh! I juz wanna slap that bitch. And akhirnya tinggal si hitam tu and Allison in the final 2. And she won, which is a bummer for all. Allison is like way deserving than that ghetto alien freak. Sux....hmm...for the third time...redha je la...
My point here is, the judges are like buta ke ape. They pick the wrong girl being the winner sedangkan other girls who are way deserving got sent home. What statement are they tring to make here? We're famous and powerful and can do anything or We have our favourites since the beginning of the competition and we want her to be the winner walaupun she looks and acts like a babushka? Please, im getting tired of juara terancang ni. It sux. Takde pengadilan.
We'll see in cycle 13, if this happens again, say antm goodbye from me! -wah, gitu kan..-hehehe.

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shark_rulezz said...

tyra dia sihat ke tak...
org kat atas ni yg terpampang megah menang
hmmm impossible..
hebat lagi cycle lain cam daniel...