Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Dancing Inmates!

hey guys, i dont know whether u guys know about them or not, but, have u heard of the dancing inmates?

-huh..lembap. satu dunia dah tau dah!-

ok, for those who dont know..(kicking bebo out of this post)..the dancing inmates are like a bunch of inmates of this place called Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, hmm..a bunch is inappropriate..they are like an army of inmates! ok, so what they do is, the dance! i dont know why, maybe like somekind of punishment or like a rehabilitation program something like that la..but they are really good! 

i was thought they were like some dancers dressed in a penjara-like costume but the truth is, they are inmates. here is a video of them performing Jai Ho. there are a lot of other videos about them. you juz go to youtube and search for- the dancing inmates. alrite guys, enjoy!

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